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  1. If it's neon green or any kind of blue you're probably best off saving your cash.
  2. Well crap. Kübler's pretty much it for you then. It's not the bee's knees or anything but it's at least absinthe. I'd read this before purchasing Mythe.
  3. That's where I first heard it, and have said it ever since.
  4. I've never understood the idea of one's masculinity having anything to do with their diet. But apparently around here you're not a maon unless you eat lots of beef and drink weakly alcoholic and weakly flavoured beer. But yes, hot peppers can be awesome when someone thinks you're a wimp.
  5. I do eat eggs and dairy, as well as honey and Serpis. I don't purchase milk but I don't avoid it if it's in stuff. And I like cheese. Honestly though the only real thing making me not vegan is honey; it's like a drug. Not me. In fact I find meat mostly flavourless now on the rare occasions I feel compelled to eat it in a polite situation. It always smells really good but then tastes like textured grease. It's really surprising because before I gave it up (primarily for health reasons) I imagined meatless food as being really bland and now it turns out to be the opposite. And hot peppers are awesome. :D
  6. Ha! Well, for one I'm not vegan, just vegetarian. But to most folks it's the same thing.
  7. Jackasses always cover being mean-spirited and intentionally trying to get a rise out of people by saying "I was just joking. Can't you take a joke?" Not if it's not original. Or clever. Or funny. Trying to piss people off is trolling. We don't tolerate trolls 'round here.
  8. I don't know about Spain in particular, but nowadays in both the US and EU carmine/ cochineal has to be listed on the packaging instead of simply Natural Red #4, C.I. 75470, or E120. However, it appears that now they've developed bacteria that can produce it. Thanks, Scott.
  9. Yes, yeast is a fungus, and yes it's vegan. Stop being a dick, Miguel. Vegan doesn't mean shove-it-down-your-throat activist, and it's equally as childish and stupid when meat eaters do it. Especially like right now when it's unwarranted.
  10. Good. I sincerely hope you find out every absinthe you already like is vegan.
  11. Yeah, I couldn't think of anything either. To my knowledge in most non-vegan beers the only issue is the clearing agent.
  12. Barnivore is a great website. I only wish they listed vegetarian as well as vegan. But I always assumed that absinthe was vegan anyway.
  13. I considered doing a music video like that until Andre 3000 did. And now I want nothing to do with it.
  14. Well, at the moment I only have time for Throng of Shoggoths in terms of rehearsals and shows. But if I wanted to take any other projects live there's actually a great crop of musicians here in town that just float in and out of bands. So the option is always there.
  15. Guitar, bass, vocals, drums, keyboards, sequencers, and brass (rarely). Other than Throng of Shoggoths everything I do is one-man-band type stuff.
  16. I've heard it. Not quite my thing.
  17. Sludge, black metal, death metal, and doom. Oh, and that's creepy shit right there.
  18. I like the weird character Muse is going for. With green anise and better wormwood it would be substantially better.
  19. If people want to shoot absinthe then whatever, as long as they're aware that the purpose of adding water is to open up the aromas and flavours that are otherwise muted or not present. It's expensive stuff and it's often brutal to buy in restaurants and bars. Shots seems like a real waste of money to me because it can't remotely compare to how incredible a great absinthe diluted with ice water is. There's cheaper stuff available for someone who doesn't care about how it smells or tastes. Then again there's always the whole perception of absinthe being really exotic so people will drink it even if it's wretched.
  20. Oh, it is most certainly dramatically improved. And since you're not really well-versed in absinthe it makes sense that you don't understand why people will be picking out the fire ritual and harping on it even in an otherwise very good article. The reason is because it is one of the most egregious and blatant pieces of garbage that comes with the subject of absinthe. In general it offends people more than thujone bullshit. It makes absintheurs see red. Individuals can do whatever they want with their booze, and more power to them. But a lot of people here go to bars and buy good, quality brands of absinthe only to discover in horror that the bartender is lighting their sugar cube on fire. A $15 drink utterly destroyed by a strong, burnt caramel flavour. It's a splinter so ingrained into the culture of absinthe that it's hard to pull out. And to be honest, not having that instruction at all at sicknight.com would actually be really awesome specifically because of the focus and audience of your website. When sites like WS say "don't set your absinthe on fire" some people realize it's we know what we're talking about but others just think we're a bunch of stuffy snobs who look down our noses at anything fun. If a booze website devoted to party culture advises against it and leaves it at that, then people might think, "oh, wow, I guess that really is a bunch of bullshit." Oh, and people actually do get injured flaming their absinthe. That alone would be enough for me to not provide any advice about it.
  21. The fire thing wasn't even created for use with real absinthe. It was created for use with fake Czech brands that don't have any anise and can't louche when water is added. Since there isn't any show with those brands they had to come up with something exciting. Flaming sugar cubes really don't belong in a conversation about real absinthe.