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  1. I think it is a completely appropriate explanation as to why his review is so different from the results of competitions in which it has been entered. One might read the review and then look at its medals and wonder why there's such a disconnect. So it makes sense to point out that competitions, which ostensibly should have the most educated and experienced judges, usually instead have know-nothings offering ignorant thoughts. The results could be drawn out of a hat at random; great absinthes and shit absinthes and mediocre absinthes all share great accolades for no reason at all. This is fine for user reviews at some website but awards are used for publicity by producers and marketers as though they come from some great authority. And people fall for it. I think that calling that out is the most responsible thing to do.
  2. Try this: put a cube of ice (instead of sugar) on an absinthe spoon and drip water over it. Also make sure your bottle of absinthe hasn't been getting too warm where it's stored. You really shouldn't need to put that much effort into louching an absinthe to get attractive results but who knows what factors could be working against you.
  3. Then they don't know enough about it to have a reasonable opinion.
  4. It reminds me of someone who used to post here frequently who would actually have little rage fits at anyone who claimed that getting drunk was not any part of their motivation to drink absinthe or other fine spirits. He considered his experiences and motivations so intrinsic and universal that, to him, anyone who claimed to feel differently had to be a liar. I think this is how Zzz is about his experience with secondary effects.
  5. Facts have zero impact on his opinion so why should he waste his time reading them?
  6. Yeah? I was gonna say the Bobcat Goldthwait of chat speak.
  7. I've experienced secondaries with absinthe, but I don't anymore because I've had a thousand or more glasses. Last time I remember having the "lucid drunk" was late 2007 or early 2008. The consensus here has been pretty consistent: secondaries are completely subjective. Some experience them and some do not. For those who do, there's variation from person to person as to which brands cause them and how intense they are. It's not really worth going on about because for most of us it's a minor aspect of drinking absinthe compared to the flavour and appearance. The effect itself is not awesome enough to justify buying $100 booze unless you really love the drink for its intended qualities as well. To twist this into some sort of "secondary denial" thing is a deliberate lie that calls the honesty and integrity of WS into question. On second thought, sure, maybe we're all just keeping information from newcomers. Because there's no possible way anyone could find out on their own, right?
  8. The submissions are starting to trickle in now. We have about 20 minutes of music.
  9. Mediafire.com is what I've used lately. I actually missed your post before because you were posting when I was, so I just now listened. It's excellent as usual.
  10. Go back far enough and everyone is. Well, roughly.
  11. Yep, I use the same glass for all reviews. Because everything's relative.
  12. Is that good? The reviews don't make it sound so. And I don't care for myrrh nearly as much as frankincense. But copal rules them all.
  13. It's called Absente. The name references the fact that in its original formulation it had no grande wormwood. Absent, get it? lololololololololololol It's basically a star anise-intense oil mix pastis. The European and post-2007 US "contains wormwood" versions have shitty wormwood oil mixed in. It is also presweetened. It was my first bottle of "absinthe." It didn't count and it doesn't taste anything like the real thing.
  14. No, they're not being testy and rude. This is literally the nicest, most kid-glovey place you could possibly find and I can't stress it enough. They're just pointing out that we already have these resources that have been painstakingly put together with hours of work specifically to answer the questions you had. Some of my answers to you came from reading the reviews. Some people, like me, don't mind repeating the same shit over and over. But that's because I'm retarded, not because I'm better than them.
  15. Muse has some real problems. Macerated wormwood, wormwood not being very good, star anise. It has no finesse. But it has a raw frankincense flavour and smell that I love and would like to find in a quality absinthe.
  16. Here you go, cuz I'm so nice: Pernod: very low quality oil mix. Green Moon: not absinthe. Kübler: simple but unoffensive traditional absinthe. La Fee: depending on whether it's Parisienne or Bohemian it's either low quality oil mix or not absinthe. La Muse: is this Muse Verte? Muse is weird, nontraditional, and has some defects. Lucid: serviceable traditional absinthe. Mata Hari: probably not absinthe. Mythe: never had it, but all the reviews are wretched. Tenneyson: never had it, but it sounds decent. Has juniper in it. Versinthe: probably has no wormwood and has sugar added, meaning it's not absinthe. Vieux Carre: never had it, but it sounds decent.
  17. Agreed as well. It's on a rotation with Ridge Verte and Berthe de Joux to be my fav.