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  1. Reminder: one week until the deadline.
  2. He's had a bad habit for about a decade of promising each new album would be death metal in style, which everyone knows it won't remotely be. He could say his material is country music and it would be as accurate, or perhaps moreso. But I guess he thinks the term death metal is still scary to people.
  3. I saw that before. Thought it was rubbish and the music is boring. And this is from a big fan up through Holy Wood.
  4. Yeah, don't hurt yourself.
  5. Another reminder. The 15th is the last day to make a submission. If there's anyone left please get your chunes in.
  6. That's awesome! I nearly puke all over myself with laughter every time I watch it.
  7. Okay, we're close to full now. We have a few more days left if there are still any stragglers out there.
  8. Yeah, Mediafire is what everyone's been using.
  9. Damn, everything sounds great. Tatan, I think that we should use both tracks on the album, putting the original early on the comp and the reconstruction near the end. We now have 58 minutes of music. So if we didn't get any other submissions we'd have a full album. We have 20 minutes free for anyone who wants to drop in with a last minute track.
  10. I've got y'all's files but I haven't had a good chance to listen to them. I'll be on that today.
  11. There's only one way to do it... and you're doing it wrong!
  12. For me the difference has never really been in flavour but in texture. I find the texture of a slowly louched absinthe preferable, but I only bother with that when I plan on really milking the experience. If I just want a glass of absinthe while I'm watching football or something I do the 30 second louche.
  13. I think "King Leonidus's Tetrimino" and "Papa" would both work really well on the comp.
  14. If we don't get enough submissions to fill the thing I might throw in a Caitiff track.
  15. Right now we have 6 submissions across 36 minutes. Once precenphix gets me his next one we'll be at 7 across 41. So we've basically filled half the disc. I have final .wav files for all of the submitted tracks except one.
  16. More often than not I don't have any more to add so I can't risk it.
  17. It sounds real enough that I would never guess it was sampled but not real enough to sound natural. The disjointedness that you can't completely do away with when using samples is present but that doesn't give it away because metal bands with large budgets have turned toward recording their actual playing to sound like this. It's probably very cool when used sparingly as one of many instruments but when used as the main focus of the music it recreates a production style that I dislike.
  18. Yeah on this one I'll have only one song.
  19. One thing I'll say now that it's getting to crunch time: it doesn't have to be in mp3 format for evaluation purposes. A final .wav file will be fine since I'm obviously not getting inundated with submissions.
  20. Including my own we have like 5 submissions, and not shit worth of time filled yet.
  21. In 2005 I had Absente, which was cool to my uneducated palate because I love licorice, but I knew that it wasn't the real thing. A few months later a couple of friends and I pooled our money for an Alandia order that was a mix of crap and mediocre stuff. There was I think one distilled, naturally coloured absinthe out of 5 bottles and it wasn't a very good one. Soon after that I bought Jade NO and an assortment of decent blanches and it was a revelation. That's when things really took off.
  22. So let's see here. You've blatantly lied about the official position of this site and personal views of its members in a hamfisted attempt to discredit us. And then when we demonstrated that you were lying you covered by lying even more, saying that we've recently changed our minds to fit your views. Even though the WS's positions have been consistent since its founding and you have had zero impact upon them. Am I leaving out anything?
  23. One's own elitism is the result of good old American hard work, ambition, and self-education. Everyone else's elitism is pretentious and snobby and barely conceals hidden agendas. For talking to people about absinthe I have my 30 second speech, my 10 minute speech, and my 2 hour conversation pretty much lined up. How far I go depends on how engaged my audience is. The biggest difficulty when talking to a group of people is that there will be at least one person who will try to undo everything you say by loudly exclaiming "WELL I HAD ABSINTHE 10 YEARS AGO ON MY BIRTHDAY THAT SOMEONE BROUGHT BACK FROM GERMANY AND I DON'T KNOW WHAT IT WAS BUT IT WAS NASTY BUT IT MADE ME SEE STUFF AND I HAD A REAL BAD HANGOVER HAVEN'T TRIED IT AGAIN ABSINTHE IS NASTY." And with that all you can do is ungracefully mention how many different absinthes you've had and how old some of them were. And then you hope that it compares favourably enough to that person's devastatingly authoritative experience that people believe you more. Even though it sounds elitist.
  24. That's why the real stuff from the Czech Republic isn't distilled.