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  1. I know y'all can sympathize.
  2. I'm glad everyone's been enjoying it.
  3. Happy Yule to everyone.
  4. Scott, how could you have not known? I even discussed the cheesiness of the lyrics with you. Anyway, I was glad to have another song with vocals. Not that I dislike instrumentals, but I just like a good balance and it usually seems harder to get submissions with vocals.
  5. A little slow this year. We've only sold 20 copies. :(
  6. Admins: Could get this one on the main site, replacing last years?
  7. Alright, we've already sold 15 copies! Currently Volume 1 has sold 125 copies and Volume 2 has sold 100. It would be great to get to 100 again.
  8. Now presenting the 2011 edition of our annual compilation. To purchase just click on the image above. If you click on "Rotate Case" you can see the entire artwork including the insert and disc image. And if you click here you can buy all three volumes. This year it's 75 minutes of music across 13 tracks. As usual there should be something for everyone to appreciate. I want to thank everyone who submitted material this year, and special thanks to Ambear for creating the excellent artwork. In January I'll begin a thread to start work on Volume 4, so keep an eye out. (And for the third year in a row we forgot the WS web address on the packaging.)
  9. You'll get to see it in about an hour and a half.
  10. I didn't realize how dark the overall tone was until doing my final volume checks. Not that everything on it is some sort of morbidly depressing thing. Some of the material is just very contemplative and context paints it. But I think the final three tracks when taken together paint a pretty evil picture. It actually was hard to find a good spot for Delirium because of this, but I put it between two sort of contemplative sounding tracks as a kind of crescendo before descending into the nightmarish finale. King Leonidus's Tetrimino was also hard to place because it's upbeat and quirky, but not as hard as Delirium's "freaking gigantor WHEEL of cheese." I also think that people who buy this and who don't normally listen to stuff that's so brooding will relish the two and a half minutes of levity.
  11. I'm uploading the CD now. I did some final tweaks. Ultimately I set volume based on trying to reach a good middle ground between headphones and speakers. Since some tracks are closer to mono and some are very widely stereo they have a different perceived volume depending on which you use. To me this year's comp has a feel more like Volume 1 than 2, except darker. In fact I think Delirium is the only track that doesn't have an either hostile, melancholic, or desolate feel, even though many of them are upbeat.
  12. I was thinking earlier that a mobile, stripped down version of the forum would be awesome. I've seen that with a couple forums but I don't think they used this software.
  13. Well, it wasn't an issue of heavy/ mellow. For instance, Delirium would be a bit louder because of the sharp attack of the ukelele and the presence of the vocals, but A Study in Glass would be quieter because it has no sharp attacks. Also I'm dealing with some tracks that have extreme dynamics and are pretty quiet for the first few minutes but then get a lot louder. In those instances I have to match the loudest part to everything else, not the main, quieter sections. I'll get everything as close to even as I can.
  14. She sent me almost final artwork tonight. Just a couple of small adjustments and we should be ready to go. I've been wasting time being indecisive about how to set volume on the tracks, whether to let mellower ones be a tad quieter than cacophonic ones to keep a mood going. That's how it currently is and it sounds really great but I don't want anyone to be disappointed that their track is a little low. I figure I'll dial all of that stuff up a bit last minute. At the moment the plan is to have the product ready for purchase by the weekend.
  15. At home it's PC only, but if I'm out and about I use my Blackberry fairly often. I agree with Alan that it's annoying to have to login again after moving from one hot spot to another, or from a hot spot to network, especially because it's kind of a pain in the ass to type in my information on a phone.
  16. At this point we have a final track order and I've leveled out the volume across all the tracks. I'm going to make sure there isn't any weird EQ shit to deal with and listen to it in headphones, car, monitors, etc.
  17. Well, then I think we have a final set of songs. I'm going to play around more with the track order and see if any adjustments need to be made. Green Baron, send me your track when you have it done. I want to go ahead and have it on hand.
  18. Today is the day, stragglers. Get your submissions in today to be on this year's compilation. Get them to me tomorrow and you're on next year's.
  19. If you don't get it done in time, send it to me anyway. That way I'll have something for next year to start off with. I think both previous years we've had people miss the deadline and say they'd submit the next year and then disappear.
  20. Not going to have time to get a masterful guitar solo done by a friend for Death and Discord so I did an alright one myself. So I suppose my submission(s) is done.
  21. The bad thing is we get close to the end of the year without enough material and folks start sending spare tracks they didn't ever plan on submitting just to help fill the thing... and then I become attached to this spare material and don't want to kick any of it off to make more room for the last-minute entries.
  22. One more thing: the current list of tracks is up to 75 minutes. If we have anything else submitted that takes it further out than 5 more I'll have to cut someone's spare track. Probably my own track Ghostly Miasma. Y'all don't want blistering black metal on this thing anyway I'm sure.
  23. Okay, we're only a few days away from the deadline and we're just waiting on one or two more tracks to come in. At this point I'd like everyone to please post here or pm me relevant track information. As normal, the tracks will be listed as "Artist - Title" (or the reverse) on the back. I'd like to get that from everyone, even if it seems obvious since I have the songs, because some people do or don't capitalize. Also, precenphix has reconstructed a track by someone else and we need to know how to credit that. There will also be a limited amount of space on the insert to list relevant information about your track if you absolutely have to share, so please post that, too. This is what I have so far. It's a good track order that flows but it probably isn't final, depending on Green Baron's track, etc. Let me know what I have wrong, as I'm sure there's something. precenphix - Powerless Empyrean - Le Retour De Mère-Terre Card 13 - Ma muse libérer Kyle McDermid - King Leonidus's Tetrimino Plasticstatic - Chemistry of Thought Scrumpy Scrumpington - Gelatinous Acquiescence Peridot Elixir - Death and Discord Kyle McDermid - Papa SB MacDonald - Delirium Scrumpy Scrumpington - Weee-oooo precenphix - A Study in Glass Caitiff - Ghostly Miasma Card 13 - Ma muse pauvre torturé Ambear is doing the artwork and I'd like to be able to get her all of the final information as soon as possible after the deadline passes. I'd like to be able to get this on sale before the end of the month so that people can get their CDs in time to use as stocking stuffers and whatnot.
  24. If you can't get it done in time, don't worry. We do this every year.
  25. Yeah, I'm feeling the crunch this time as well. I have to re-record vocals on my main submission and then take it over to a friend's place to get a guitar solo.