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  1. Hello This is my first post at WS and I'm following the local convention of intruducing myself. It feels like anything I can about say about myself to people I don't know will be wanking, so I'll just run with it. I've been reading the topics for a while to get a feel for the land. I initially found this forum while looking for absinthe reviews on search engines. I've been drinking absinthe for nearly a year now, and my current faves are LBC Marianne, BdF, and Jade NO. It's my main hobby. My tastes have evolved a lot since I first began drinking, as Lemercier Amer was my favourite back then (I still like it a lot more than most people seem to, but now it's almost the lure of familiarity rather than appreciation of its merits). As far as non-absinthe stuff about me, I live in Birmingham, AL. I'm inbetween jobs, but the last thing I did was restaurant management. I actually quit my job to focus on my musical career, but it's not taking off, so it'll be back to the average job thing again for a while. And the funny thing is, getting some new absinthe is my main motivator! I majored in music in college and play a wide variety of instruments, including guitar, bass (electric and upright), drums, voice, brass, and synth. Bass was my major instrument. Regarding styles of music, I'm primarily a metalhead and play in a prog/ thrash band, a southern metal band, a sludgecore band, and a folk/ Heathen metal project (Heathen in its proper use, not to mean "uncivilised"); in addition I do acoustic/ folk rock, ambient electronic, and industrial stuff. Really whatever piques my interest at any given time. I also do death metal, black metal, and grindcore every now and then. I'm not a goth. Nor a redneck. Except when musically expedient. :D My biggest obstacle to doing something professionally I think is my musical ADHD; I can't stay on one style for more than like a couple of months at a time. Anyway. Hope to get to know y'all soon.