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    Birmingham, Alabama
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    I like absinthe, absinthe, absinthe, oh and absinthe. Favourite ones currently are Berthe de Joux, Walton Waters, Meadow of Love, Ridge Verte, Pacifique, Belle Amie, Brevans, Balance, Wormwood Blanche, and some non-CO's.

    I'm into graphic art, music, cooking, sci-fi, fantasy, baseball (White Sox) and baseball history, NCCAF (Alabama), NFL (Saints), whisky, and beer. I was a fencer in college; it's the only sport in which I've ever competed seriously.

About Me

Former restaurant manager and current recording artist, with classical education in bass but focus on guitar. In addition to performing, I produce, mix, and create artwork for my material. I'm the guitarist/ vocalist for Throng of Shoggoths. 

I'm currently learning Japanese in my free time.

I have two cants named Thorbjorn, and Belphegor and four dogs named Sigurd, Bramble, Akiko, and Mei.