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  1. BS"D metodd1: the short version is that grapes are the source of wine, and wine is a beverage used to consecrate basically every aspect of judaism, so we are extremely careful when it comes to wine and grape products. It's not the "dietary" part, it's more a precaution. DP: Thanks! I didn't recognize you from your picture. How are things upstate NY?
  2. BS"D The "brandy" base is what's tipping me off. Brandy as far as I know is grape alcohol and that's the major concern and the basis for the need of a kosher supervision. Any product containing grapes needs it. As I stated earlier, jews in general and middle eastern jews in particular are very fond of anise flavored drinks, so this could be the beginning of something good....
  3. BS"D Hey Guys!!! Thanks for your greetings and kind words....as I said, it's good to be "where everybody knows your name" As of the jewish distilleries, just let the word go out that absinthe is popular again and kosher supervisions will strart rolling.
  4. BS"D Hello everybody! It's been so long since I last posted that I don't know if I should introduce myself again... Anyway, I read about this new absinthe and all I can say is KUDOS. It was about time and I'm sure it will be the first time of many (hopefully). Unfortunately, I assume that it will be grape alcohol based, so without a kosher supervision it will be off limits for me. Anyway, it's good to be back on such a great occasion for this community. - Joe.
  5. BS"D FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS!!!! (belated and all, but you'll know the reason of my absence in another thread)
  6. BS"D Maybe it's time to add a chatroom to the website...
  7. BS"D I know it's a little off topic, but here's something the wife and I prepared for our friends and family this past jewish holiday of Purim. There was no absinthe involved, but after weeks of planning and a couple of late nights preparing the 25 boxes, here's the final product: - cinammon greybes (syrian butter cookies) - pumpkin seed brittle (a Guatemalan delicacy) - the traditional Hamman ears - rum balls (made with my favorite rum in the world, 23 year old Guatemalan Zacapa Centenario) - cardamon merengues
  8. BS"D It's good to see that not only the passion for absinthe is a common ground for all of the members of this forum, but also the financial conondrums.....WELCOME BACK!
  9. BS"D BIENVENIDO Silent! T73, you must be so proud....a chip off the old block! Another virtue of absinthe....joining families together
  10. BS"D Another verte (or Grün)...I'm close to making an order, all vertes....might try it...
  11. BS"D I thought the feds got to it.... Luckily, we are still here!
  12. BS"D Hi SLP! It's so good to be back; the warm welcome everyone has given me has uplifted my spirits! Well, if this is the case with Israel, I'll have to wait to have a decent order (and the funds).