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  1. I really love the Brevans. I really like the Duplais, too. I am not any help. Today I think I am leaning towards Brevans.
  2. Tonight I will have a couple of glasses of Brevans, followed by an evening at The Knitting Factory in Hollywood.
  3. I second the St. Germain. Just pour it over ice, and you are good to go.
  4. Sounds good to me. I plan on repeatedly checking in the store until I get it. Not that I'm not there all the time, anyways.....
  5. Okay. The manager of the liquor department just told me he actually has no idea when it is coming in to them, so they are not taking a reserve list. He said to keep checking after the 21st.
  6. I will be at Hi-Time with bells on this Friday. I am so excited.
  7. As opposed to current orgasmic events in your bedroom?
  8. I personally can't stand Lucid. My bf really can't tell the difference between absinthes - so I keep it for him to drink. He likes it just fine. It is a good way for me to keep him out of the good stuff.
  9. Elf - magnificent photo! Yours ain't to shabby, either, Shabba. I think I need one of those spoons. P- I have your song from last year on my ipod and ready to go at a moments notice!
  10. Hello, great to meet you! It sounds like you will fit in fine to our little group of insanity.
  11. I think we should have a contest. "Who can flush out JM first!" The first person to call out one of his puppets gets to be WS'er of the month, or something.
  12. I actually like all the above that you listed. The VdF is probobly the one I like the least, but I still like it and buy it. Montmartre is probobly the riskiest one. Some people just plain don't like it. I do, however, not for everyday. For Jades, everyone seems to have their own favourite. Mine is NO. Some people think NO is funky. But, I don't think you can really go wrong with any of them.
  13. I am in the Bay Area 1-4 times a month. I have an office there.
  14. WBT just summed up my opinion perfectly. Well said, sir!
  15. Oh my God - he is everywhere! I don't think I'm going to be able to sleep at night!
  16. I add ice after the water as well - and have also had no sea monkeys.
  17. So, I just googled "gin brusing" and realized that that is apparently a widely agrued topic. What a nest of worms!