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  1. Well, most of my family does not eat honey - which kind of takes some fun out of mead making. I wonder how it would turn out with agave nectar?
  2. We have nothing cooking at our house. The man and I started a two week fast today. We sure know how to have fun!
  3. Okay, so I started reading this post backwards. I thought you were talking about Bam Margera.
  4. Tonight is Vegan chili and cornbread. Woo Hoo!
  5. I have been making some raw breakfast bars. They will be ready at 6 tonight. Course gound raw almonds & walnuts, raisins, pureed strawberries, cacao nibs, ground flaxseeds. Smoothed onto a sheet and dehyrdrated at 100 degrees for 24 hours. Now, I am geeting ready to roast some chilis for some jars of salsa. It's a regular Susie-Homemaker day here in the OC.
  6. I think your gravy will be a very intersting colour.
  7. That's actually what I paid for my bottle from the first batch. IMagine my surprise at the check out counter.
  8. I only see one glaring omission in this review - Exactly what light jazz you were you listening to? Seriously, though - a damn excellent review. Kudos to you.
  9. Black Metal vs. Death Metal. I was curious, myself.
  10. I have already planned the solution for the spork, and let me just say it involves my old friend, duct tape.
  11. Now we just need to get a drill bit small enough to drill some little holes in some KFC sporks, and be got us some sporks for drippin'!
  12. W00t! Happy Birthday, Sir Drinkboy!
  13. That's where I got mine. Cheap and good quality.
  14. Hello - I grew up in Tempe, in the shadow of "A" mountain. Welcome.
  15. I am comfortable enough with myself to admit out loud........... I really like Serpis.
  16. No, Tim - it is I who plans to have surpises on the 5th........ Mwuah ha ha ha ha
  17. UPDATE: I just talked to the liquor manager again - and guess who has a bottle waiting for her at HI-Time? Me. Woo Hoo! SOmeone on the list cancelled today.
  18. Welcome neighbor. I live close enough to you that I hear the fireworks every night.
  19. I was listening to that last night as well! Fabulous. I also have been listenging to the Velvet Underground box set I received as a gift. Woo Hoo!
  20. I became very irritaed at my favourite liquor store - Hi Time the other day. I went in for my regular check to see if the St. George was in YET. I was informed it will not be there until the 27th, and is already sold out. This from the people who had told me they were not making a reserve list or pre-sale list for it. They are only getting 12 bottles on this first shipment, and it is apparently all sold. I am showing up anyways just in case an extra bottle was in the shipment.
  21. My place runs really cold in the winter, too. So I bought really good electric blankets (the ones with temperature control that lets me pick an exact temperature - not just hi or low). Keeps my mead bubbling away in the cold. It also looks really cute all curled up in blankeys.