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  1. The homemade I tried first I guess was good enough to peak my interest. I had a crazy neighbor, when I lived in Mexico, that grew her own herbs, and had a pretty scary size still in her backyard. She would bring me some in little test tubes.
  2. Today, I have been working at home, sick (lost my voice completely - to the joy of my beloved), and really have no alternative but to drink this Amer. For medicinal purposes, of course.
  3. One of the many problems the legal status of absinthe brings forth is that there really is not an accurate way to study the absinthe market. Is the average person buying absinthe knowledgeable on the subject, or did they just see a Johnny Depp movie and think it was cool? (I'm not knocking Johnny, love him!) I would assume that the average person in the US buying, and please correct me if I'm wrong, probobly does not know the difference between absinthes and would have no clue where to start. Some kind of classification system would be extremely helpful, if it was not too confusing to navigate through. I like a lot of the suggestions brought up in this thread.
  4. I easliy found Le Fee on their website. I just clicked on French absinthes. And yes, Stomp B, they have the Duplais, which I am anxiously waiting
  5. My only question, is that should we condemn a vendor for the press releases put out by the manufactuers it carries? I only hope that everyone takes all advertising and propagandda with the grain of salt that is needed for ingestion. (Be calm, this coming from someone in the PR-marketing field). But I would have to agree with you on your point of the other items highlited by the company. A company should be contemplative of the whole image they are putting across.
  6. May your roof never fall in, may your friends never fall out, and may all of your children be born naked. happy b-day.
  7. I just placed my order with FSC earlier this weekend. Standard snail mail. We'll see how long it takes. I hope I get the farily quick service some of you have had. I'm not very patient. The mailman is my new best friend. I am probobly always the happiest person on his route to see him.....must remember to put him on Christmas list.
  8. I work in mostly acrylics & watercolor. Right now I am working on something with prisma colours & ink.
  9. I use one too. It has been in the hundreds here. There are no cool, dark places.
  10. I think I have been inspired by those eloquent words. Tonight, by god, I am going to "do" some absinthe, then go in search of a "bigass ferris wheel".
  11. I'm working on a pretty cool piece right now. Will post when done. I like it quite a bit... so far. But, I shall post no piece before it's time.l
  12. Well, I have now. And now I have to fix my map posting. Think I just might be a little bit tipsy. Instead of showing me in Orange County, it just says Orange, CA. Orange is in the OC, but it's not where I live. I guess that's what I get for louching and typing.
  13. This is sad... but the first absinthe I tried was a home-distilled absinthe. I liked it and hunted some "real" absinthe down. After I tried the real deal, I then realized horrid the home-brew was. But it did serve the purpose of peaking my interst. Since then I have tried some of the Jades, Pernot, Kübler, La Fee, and a bunch of wretched German brands whose names I don't remember (I spent a great deal of time in the Netherlands). Right now, I am patiently waiting to try some Absinthe Duplais. Okay, not so patiently. I'll post my latest painting when finished.
  14. Man, I am green with jealousy. And I used to be so proud of my spoon collection. I am humbled.
  15. Hi! I am Alyssa Dyane. I am thrilled to find this forum. I was first introduced to Absinthe about 10 years ago. Kind of a love at first sight/taste/experience thing. I loved everything about it. The colour, the taste, the preparation. The spoons. Since then, I spent several years living outside of the US, and had a little easier access to absinthe - something I miss now. Now it is a rare and special treat for me. I collect absinthe art, and also paint my own "absinthe inspired" pieces. I thought I was pretty well schooled on the subject, and I would have to say that I have learned so much more on our favourite topic, since reading through this forum. So, it is nice meeting all of you, and I look forward to a pleasant exchange of thought and idea.