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  1. Shin, I sure miss you. Have a great b-day.
  2. Man, I love me some Serpis. And it is so hot right now, I could really go for a Slerpis™.
  3. At least we are even. I guess it really is an absinthe evening in OC, right Dr. Love?
  4. Great. Now I have "Dancing Queen" stuck on my head. Thanks a lot. Only 1 hour and 42 minutes until I can go home and louche my brains out. It is so hot here in OC today, and nice cold glass of absinthe would be lovely right now.
  5. Sippin' on a verte, playing XBox, and thoroughly enjoying the fabulous haven that is my new apt.
  6. Methinks tonight is an absinthe night. Oh yes, it is time...... I finally have an evening to relax after moving and unpacking chaos. Shoot, I might even drag out the fountain, and do it proper.
  7. If it comes out as well as your first fountain, it will be something to be proud of, to be sure!
  8. I think people in general just had stronger wrist muscles, so to perform a continual steady drip from a carafe over a ten minute span. Since that time, our wrist muscles have been degenerating in some weird evolutionary mishap.
  9. I actually just started eating meat again as well. Coincidently, the day after the bf and I broke up.......
  10. Leftover champagne? I don't think I have ever heard of that.... What is this leftover champagne you speak of?
  11. I just wanted to say that I have that cd: TOULOUSE LAUTREC 1864 - 1901 , and I listen to it a lot. Very enjoyable.
  12. When I lived in Mexico, we used to buy mezcal in a gallon jug shaped like a bee hive for around 75 cents. We would sit on the beach shooting it all day with chasers or orange soda. For tequila - which I LOVE, by the way, i really like Cazadores and Herradura. Heck, in Mexico you NEVER see people drink Cuervo. You don't really see Patron much, either (maybe in the tourist spots), but you do see Don Julio, Cazadores and Herradura.
  13. I love this stuff. I just drink it over ice. I could go for some right now.
  14. We will all definitely miss Ray. Molly - we love you.
  15. Hey, I'm late in replying to the thread, but Happy Birthday!!! Woo Hoo! Many happy returns!
  16. Describing in detail any caramel notes, floweriness or spiciness of flavour is okay. Describing in detail how you are Tripping Ballz is not.
  17. Well, I am guessing Duplais Balance, Belle Amie, and something else.
  18. Nah, it is Franki Doll from Franki Doll and the Broken Toys.
  19. I am drinking a beer. Too exhausted to actually get up and louche up. Man, I can't wait til my concert is over!!! Only 3 days away! Check out my project that has been keeping me away from society: www.punkrockpicnic.com
  20. Snow? What is this snow you speak of? It will be 85 here in Newport tomorrow. It's s warm now, we had to open all of the doors to let the ocean breeze in. Not to rub it in or anything...
  21. For lunch I am eating some hummus I made with Zucchini instead of Garbanzo beans (and raw tahini, instead of toasted - of course). It is insanely delicious. Veggie slices to dip with. Yum. Oh - and last night I figured out how to make raw chocolate bars. It was so easy - and so devilshly good.
  22. Chris and I finished our two week fast. Today we ate a sandwhich made out of some yummy raw Onion bread, zucchini hummus, advocado, tomatoe and sprouts. The onion bread took 36 hours in the dehydrator to make, but well worth it! It was so nice to eat!