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  1. Man, every single time someone posts in this thread, I have to go home and have a hookah night. Yep, hookah at my house tonight. It's official.
  2. I thought this said "Absinthe art porno". Man, was I disappointed.
  3. Kitsch Bar in Costa Mesa (Bear and Baker) also has a fountain on their bar. I think it's $10 a glass. I live right by Goat Hill. But if you SoCal'ers really want to try some absinthe's, show up at TDB's party this weekend. (See relevant thread). Woo Hoo. And just in case anyone is keeping count, I do not like Obsello or St. George, and I do like Mansinthe - with a caveat, Mansinthe definitely needs a little aging.
  4. Happy birthday, my dear friend. I am so happy you are in my life - I love you tons. Have a great day! I'm looking forward to Saturday! Woo Hoo! Girl's night in!!!
  5. Alright. So I am very bored at work. Anyways, here is the local SoCal availability for Leopold in BevMo: There are 2 bottles at the Van Nuys BevMo 1 In Torrance 1 in Laguna Nigel and 1 in Encinitas Happy shopping.
  6. Alan, I really agree with you. I can not foresee a time when I ONLY want to purchase products in the USA. There is too much out there in the world, and too many fabulous offerings, and one-off offerings to limit myself to USA only purchases. Being able to purchase locally makes me very happy indeed, and will make me even happier when there is a brand I actually like on my local liquor shelf (which should be happening very soon), but to limit myself, no I think not.
  7. So far for SoCal Mini VI, we had drank, drunk, and imbibed: CLB VDF Montmartre Mansinthe Obsello Marteau de Cerveau Ridge Verte Ike NO Alyssa Dyane homemade mead some madeira, my dear st. germain benadictine brut de alembic essai #2 and a whole bottle of perrier jouet champagne with our fabulous dinner at Marmalade (thanks Molly) and that's it for starters. Molly and I are still going.
  8. I do agree that certain tastes mellow with a little aging. My bottle of St. George isn't nearly as basily as it was when I bought it 10 months ago. I usually do go back after a while for second impressions.
  9. I picked up a bottle at Bevmo tonight on my way home from work. I find it overly citrusey, and I don't think that citrus tone mixes well with the obvious mint flavors. It doesn't suck, but I would not buy it again.
  10. I just noticed that the BEVMO web site is referencing to the Wormwood Society's rating and reviews in their absinthe descriptions. Has this been brought up before, and I just missed it? From their site:
  11. Shin, it is so good to see your little pumpkin head pop up. Good luck with your quest.
  12. Serioulsy. I just about had a heart attack at the cash register when it first came out and my bill was $96 after tax. I don't really dislike the St. George. The basil taste does seem to mellow out after aging a while. I do not, however, like St. George $96 worth. Sheesh.
  13. Ya know, Molly and I have been getting into the wonderful world of port, sherry and madeira education lately. I can not believe how many years of my life I have spent not drinking the stuff. I crave it all the time now. Fabulous stuff. The port room in the cellar of Hi-Time is one of my new favorite places. I am also craving hot buttered rum all the time now, as well. Damn you, Molly! It has been an almost nightly ritual since I was at your house!
  14. I like Serpis, and I am not afraid to say it out loud, and in public.
  15. That would make a lovely fountain. Maybe with a dark wood base and brass spigots?
  16. A ton o' ice water. It's freaking 96 degrees in the OC right now! Sheesh!
  17. Damn that BevMo 5 Cent sale. I have been drinking wine every night. Now my cravings for wine are becoming out of control. Must....have...more....wine..... Well, back to BevMo tonight.
  18. That was a lovely madeira we drank. I don't know as much about them, but know they have a decent selection at Hi-Time - which gives you an excuse to come to my neighborhood so we can hit the tasting bar! Thanks for a great time, by the way.
  19. Hey, Slerpis is some dang tasty stuff. We mixed some up at the SoCal event at Dr. Cocktail's house. It tasted....... red. But it was actually pretty tasty. We tried the classic Slerpis with wild cherry slurpee, and a tropical Slerpis with banana Slurpee.