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  1. This is a "Cherub free" zone. J/K


    It looks like it may be more stable than your current candlestick and will match the spigots better.


    :laf: I guess the Cherub is not a good idea.... btw is an empty liquor bottle not a candlestick... thanx for the input


    Hunh. An empty liquor bottle? I thought it was the base of a bong. Well, at least it resembled one I saw on TV once.

  2. I just have to pipe in here about Crystal Head Vodka. I actually really like it for sipping straight over ice, squeeze of lime. I think it is a very good tasting vodka.



    I think the bottle is pretty, too. (Of course I also have Crystal Head Vodka candle holders I stole from a CHV party - those are really purty.)



    And I am totally on board with the Anti-tini crew - with the exception of the Mollytini, which was invented for Molly, and named "tini" in jest. It's an ironic cocktail.

  3. Molly and I celebrated the 4th in the traditional way - at a French restaurant with champagne cocktails. I believe Ms. Molly had a Kir Royale, while I stuck to my usual French 75. Just one cocktail at dinner, but the food was rich enough to cover for the small alcohol intake. Molly had foie gras and filet mignon. I had escargot and coq au vin. We both split a chocolate souffle with cointreau whipped cream. I had another two glasses of white wine when we got back to my house. We were able to watch fireworks right from my apartment.

  4. Alyssa and I are having Osso Bucco with grilled eggplant brushed with balsamic vinegar. Sauteed cherry tomatoes with basil. Frozen mango cream.


    Cocktails! :cheers:


    Tell us about the cocktails, please, if you remember them?


    We had lemon drops, and then we drank some vodka straight that was wonderful. It was distilled with honey, and the honey flavor really came through. Then we had some white wine. At the bowling alley (yes, we went Rock-N-Bowling) we had gin and tonics and screwdrivers.


    For breakfast the next morning, we had caviar while watching a Vincente Minelli marathon.

  5. It doesn't really work like that. Basically, it allows you to send files from yourself to a person or group of people for them to download onto their own computer. Storing them together on your computer would be up to you. But it is free, and you can send to many people at once.