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  1. I finally tried chocolate covered bacon at the fair. It was not as good as I thought it would be, but I really did not like the way they executed it. The bacon was very good and was icy cold and coagulated and everything.
  2. I'll keep my toes crossed for ya.
  3. It gets even better. Just you wait, our new found friend......just you wait.
  4. Enjoy your birthday with a post. Lurking for two years, I'm sure you've noticed what a nice group of folk we are. Really do hope you are having a great day. Best wishes.
  5. Yup, I'm-a thinkin' it's a red wine night. Maybe I'll go completely crazy and have some something in the Zin variety.
  6. I guess the Cherub is not a good idea.... btw is an empty liquor bottle not a candlestick... thanx for the input Hunh. An empty liquor bottle? I thought it was the base of a bong. Well, at least it resembled one I saw on TV once.
  7. I will definitely be submitting. This project is right up my alley!
  8. Thinking of you today, buddy. Miss ya.

  9. I just have to pipe in here about Crystal Head Vodka. I actually really like it for sipping straight over ice, squeeze of lime. I think it is a very good tasting vodka. I think the bottle is pretty, too. (Of course I also have Crystal Head Vodka candle holders I stole from a CHV party - those are really purty.) And I am totally on board with the Anti-tini crew - with the exception of the Mollytini, which was invented for Molly, and named "tini" in jest. It's an ironic cocktail.
  10. Hey, buddy. Happy b-day. I hope I can make it to your slamming b-day party this weekend. Besides, I still need to pick up my undies and garter belt I left over at your place last time I was there. And my hair straightener. Woo Hoo!
  11. Good, onacuz I still wanna hear it for the hell of it.