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  1. I totally agree with you, if you have to microwave an absinthe, it means that something is wrong with it. All I'm saying is that you can save an absinthe from the sink with this trick, nothing else, but distillers should be take much more care of their products before releasing them.
  2. Absurdity? Originally, this trick was for wines one would not drink otherwise. By chance, it works the same way with absinthe. I've had the previous Sauvage (in fact I've helped distilling the initial batch at Pernot) and if I had a full bottle of the new Sauvage, I would probably not drink it without this trick. Period. Step back and give it a try before calling it "absurdity".
  3. I don't really know, I'm no expert in biology/chemistry but it works with wine too so I guess it doesn't really burn off some of the alcohol. Microwave just chafes the water molecules between them and from what I know, it's like an accelerated maturation process.
  4. Glad it worked. It proves once again that there is a flaw in the alcohol base. Same happened with some Jades from the bad period, the ones with the "off" base, the microwave trick saved them from the sink.
  5. There's only one 2015 batch for the moment le5lieb. From what I read/heard on the french forum and on FB, you may enjoy it actually. People who have never experienced the REAL Sauvage from 2011 & 2012 liked it (with sugar). I tasted it without sugar but apparently sugar is a must, it hides a flaw in the base, though the true role of sugar is to enhance some flavors... Open it, let it breathe a little, use a slow drip with ice-cold water and it should be ok. If not, use the following microwave trick that I published last year: If your bottle of absinthe didn’t age very well or if it had a flaw from the start, try this method which is already known by wine experts: Pour a dose of absinthe into a kitchen glass. Put the glass into a microwave and heat it for 10-15 seconds at 750-900W. Pour the absinthe into a proper tasting glass and let it rest for 15-20mn. Louche it and taste it, you might be surprised by the result. Don’t expect a crapsinthe to become a premium absinthe, it makes no big miracle, but in some cases, it will improve a badly-aged base alcohol, hide some "off" notes, or even “mature” the absinthe a little. Of course, no need to try this on a fine absinthe, it will never become a pre-ban Pernod Fils. It’s been tested by me and some friends on the following absinthes: - Lucid (badly aged) –> drinkable again, no bad taste, pleasant. - Sauvage (badly aged) -> the bad taste disappeared. - Blanche de Fougerolles (no flaw) -> no change. - Coquette 2011 (off taste) -> clean again, nothing off. - Edouard 2009 (acrid) -> drinkable again. - Wormwood 2006 (biting alcohol, no roundness) -> smooth and pleasant. As I said, no big miracle is to be expected but if one of your absinthe bottles is hardly drinkable, then it’s worth trying this trick, it can’t do any more harm to the absinthe. Worst case it won’t change, best case it will be drinkable again.
  6. I love this photo, especially the "Absinthe Room" sign on top.
  7. Gwydion, could you please correct the title of this topic? It says "Absinithe" instead of "Absinthe". Merci.
  8. Very cool. Thanks for sharing your finds. I really love the glass and dripper in picture 5, just like in this NY barware catalogue from 1900: And the wrapped bottles of Absinthe Edouard Pernod in picture 6 are amazing too, you can even see the straw protection under the tissue paper.
  9. Photo from absinthes.com: http://www.absinthes.com/product_info.php?products_id=1138 Color: yellow-gold with olive shades. No sediment. Aroma (before water): room filling and inviting. Aged wine spirit (eau de vie) plays the support to a lush green anise and a flowery wormwood. One of the best aromas I’ve ever experienced from a modern absinthe. Louche: Lovely. Stormy clouds are dancing in the glass (I used a glass dripper/brouilleur). Aroma (after water): a mix of fresh and flowery herbs with notes of alpine and minty wormwood surrounded by a rich anise. Taste: the creamy and lush anise is supported by a fantastic “vintage” eau de vie (the best I’ve ever tasted in a Jade and in any modern absinthe) and a bouquet of effervescent herbs perfectly mixing together without any favoritism for one or the other. The flavors stay quite a long time in mouth - especially the anise and the wormwood - with various notes following each others, it can be fruity, or minty, or punchy, or flowery, or spicy, a real festival for the taste buds! Conclusion: Let's not beat about the bush: this Jade Terminus is now my favorite “verte”, no question. It’s a firework in the nose and in the mouth, it’s like tasting a very good pre-ban absinthe mixed with the freshness and the punch of a very good modern absinthe; you get both for the same price and that’s what my absinthe cabinet has always been looking for. REVIEW PAGE
  10. I understand Gwydion. I've been trying to get a reaction from him since late 2012, and in 2013. He doesn't care, not his fault. He has the money, I have nothing. I'm very persevering, I will call his name until I get a reaction...
  11. I hate to do this but I can't hold it anymore inside me: I bought a collection of antique absinthe spoons from Roy Garay back in September 2012. I paid 3 600 ($5 000) but never received anything. Roy was a known collector (MerdeVerte on the forums), a long-time customer of David and I (since 2006). We trusted him. He said he shipped the spoons in 3 parcels but I received none of them. He said he never received the parcels back either. I sent him a lot of emails, I even threatened him after a while, I even filled a Mail Fraud Complaint with U.S. Postal Inspection Service (never heard back from them). Roy, if you read this, this story has really pissed me off, I tried everything with you, without success, it's about time to refund me! Sorry for the disruption guys but I had to let it go.
  12. Good to read that I'm way cheaper than others (they were selling for 30 euros though, not 20) It's a rather common spoon but very pleasant to use. Its long deep central groove makes it very convenient for the sugar ritual. So you know how much I sell them for. By "friendly distribution", do you mean "friendly price"? I would say 20 euros then.