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  1. I figured I would throw in my 2 cents regarding Lucid. My first experience with absinthe was La Fee Parisienne, I thought it was okay but then I made a big step with my next purchase and had the Jade Edouard which was leaps and bounds better than the La Fee. As soon as Lucid was available I snatched up a bottle from DrinkUpNY. Again just like with the La Fee I thought it was alright. Just this past weekend I picked up 2 bottles of Kübler from BevMo (Chino Hills, CA location). After tasting the Kübler I have pretty much vowed to never purchase Lucid again. It is a lot smoother and tastier to me. Just smelling the Lucid was a bit much. I am not sure what it is about it specifically (please forgive my amateur knowledge of ingredient tastes/bouquets) but the Kübler just plain tastes better to me. So bottomline, if you had to pick one (out of the 2 easily available right now in the states), I would go with Kübler. If you have the money be adventurous and try them both side by side!
  2. One of my favorite thing besides the coming of Fall and Winter is the release of seasonal beers. My absolute favorite seasonal beer is Pumpkin Ale. Buffalo Bill's Brewery Pumpkin Ale to be exact. It is easily found at BevMo (For those in California). A close second is Jack's Pumpkin Spice Ale that is put out by Anheuser Busch, but I really enjoy the strong spice and pumpkin flavor found in Buffalo Bill's. Blue Moon also makes one but I find that to be the weakest as far as the pumpkin/spice flavor goes, or maybe my beer palate isn't as good as I think it is...? Here are the labels in case anybody wants to pick some of these up, so you know what you are looking for. Besides the pumpkin ale a winter beer that I had once last year that I hope is re-released this year is called Winter's Bourbon Cask Ale also put out by Anheuser Busch. It's a darker beer with a vanilla bean flavor that is simply delicious. It's well worth trying if you like to try different kinds of beer. And last but not least another great one that will probably never see the light of day again is Sam Adams Chocolate Bock. It was available for a short period of time in 2005. It came in 750ml bottles priced at $15 and was really good. I actually contacted Sam Adams about it this week and they said they had no plans to brew it for 2007 or 2008! What is your favorite Seasonal Beer?
  3. Wow this is great news! Now I will be able to try Kübler without breaking my wallet. I have been happy with Lucid but now I will have another easily obtainable absinthe to pit it against.
  4. I, like Fixedspiral, used to smoke Sampoerna cloves exclusively. After finding about them I completely did away with Djarums. They are so much better, they even make a menthol clove. Now Sampoerna's are insanely hard to find. After asking quite a few people at places I purchased them from I was told that they could no longer sell them because of some regulations or something. I will probably do a little research on the net and see if I can find anything out. Apparently after Philip Morris acquired P.T. Sampoerna they decided to cease U.S. distribution because of a "limited market." Such a shame... I guess I can just buy them online though... http://www.smokeshopmag.com/0206/merchant.htm When I do smoke them now I stick with Djarum Supers. They are the only kind I can stand, while the Blacks are nice they give me headaches for some reason.
  5. I typically use tap water filtered through a Brita pitcher but reading this thread has made me want to try it with my favorite bottled water, Fiji.
  6. I ordered 2 bottles from LaNell's in Brooklyn, NY (shipped to Chino Hills). Most places are out but supposedly will be in stock before the end of this month. You can call some places on their website to see if anyone has any in stock. I have only tried 3 different absinthes, I doubt a review from me would be worthy. But I will say at $60 a bottle, you really don't have much to lose!
  7. This past Friday I introduced absinthe to one of my co-workers and his fiancee. I got two bottles of Lucid shipped last week. The first bottle was gone that night. I was very impressed with Lucid. For both of these people trying absinthe for the first time, I couldn't keep their glasses full throughout the night. It was definitely a hit.
  8. I imagine it would be Gum Syrup, which I think is Gomme Syrup. I could be wrong though.
  9. I can't tell from looking but how do you stop it from see-sawing the water, besides just pulling it off the glass?
  10. It looks as though I will have to pass, I have a party to go to the same day that I forgot about =/ Hopefully this wont be the last So Cal gathering.
  11. True, *technically* they are legal, but one visit to the site and a search and you are knee-deep in illegal downloads. It's nice to see them branching out though to offer something like BayIMG. It seems like a very Google-esque move.
  12. Welcome Vincent! I decided to start speaking today as well. It has been insanely hot lately (I am in Chino Hills) and it doesn't help that where I live we don't have central a/c. Only a window unit in the living room, sleeping in a bedroom with no a/c is horrible... You might have chosen the best time to get into Absinthe, check out this thread about Lucid Absinthe, the first legal Absinthe to be distributed in the states.
  13. hahaha! Yeah it is actually a site that was started from the Torrent site The Pirate Bay, which is a not-very-legal-type-place. So their whole thing is that they are better because they don't censor anything you upload. Can't wait for the calendar ;D
  14. Another site that is pretty new to the whole free image hosting scene is BayIMG.
  15. Thanks again everyone, this is probably the nicest bunch I have seen in a while. Hell, even the forum I run we aren't this nice to newbies... =) Warm welcomes are always nice.