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  1. I've seen that spoon somewhere before... And what a nice one it is!
  2. Here is a link to the absinthe portion of the show. Right+click and save target. It's 70MB but pretty good quality. And if you want to see something I'm playing with. Learning AfterEffects and Vegas, Right+Click: Absinthe preperation 20MB I'm changing the music and adding some more stuff.
  3. How do you get these items SO polished? Almost looks like new silver.
  4. I would if I could get people to donate their labels. Maybe Ted could donate some labels? Other makers of absinthe? It would look pretty cool.
  5. Thank you! My lungs have started the process of getting a restraining order. I'll sure miss those two!
  6. I got a sample through a friend who buys everything from Oxy. I am on it!
  7. I should have clarified. I applied around 2000 wrappers to a table and coated/sealed with about 30 layers of polyacrylic sealer. The absinthe is Pernod S.A. Tarragona, 1935. edit: took about 3 years for me to make, fitting it in when I had time, sometimes it sat for months. I will be doing the backs of a couple chairs when I find ones I like. Thinking rocking chairs. And I'll be taking more pictures with that table/fountain but I need to get everything together.
  8. I made the table with nearly 2000 cigar wrappers. I smoked everyone of them. Fountain is Frenchman as is the spoon holder. I don't use sugar so you won't see a spoon across any of my glasses.
  9. What is on that table that you are displaying the glass? Looks like a banner graphic. Just curious.
  10. Did you find any of the peppermint I was talking about?