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  1. Happy Birthday! Hope that you had a wonderful day!
  2. Welcome! I usually take my absinthe 1:3.5, unsweetened. The folks that I know who make the stuff source high quality herbs and spices ... not quite sure what to make of "organic".
  3. "Stout Diplomat" - dark rum, sherry and for the stout, Stone Imperial Russian Stout. Kind of like a stout on steroids, and definitely hitting the spot this fine Friday evening.
  4. Back in 2006 one of my best friends introduced me to absinthe (La Clandestine). I remember thinking, "Isn't this stuff supposed to be bad for you?" Then I looked at the proof and realized just how and why you can get into such trouble. Anyway, I liked the flavor, and then I was introduced to the Wormwood Society. So I was spared those newby tales of woe. Over the years I've had the pleasure of trying a number of fine absinthes and meeting quite a few wonderful folks, I have fond memories of special pilgrimages to Montana and upstate New York. Best of all, I know that there are many more wonderful experiences to come.
  5. Have missed you too! Which is why I'm back.
  6. I haven't tried the L'Avion d'Or so I can't speak to that. I remember being excited when I first made a Vesper, using Lillet, only to be really disappointed. You say ethereal and I say boring. I know .... different strokes. I much prefer the Cocchi in a Vesper.
  7. I had the very sad experience recently, of a bartender in a supposed craft bar, telling me that it was only the European absinthes that were authentic, because of the 35 ppm, which did in fact make you trip ballz. This when I tried to tell him that there was a perfectly nice bottle of Pacifique on his shelf.