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    Multifunctional items are definitely favored
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    Animals, especially dogs, especially retrievers. Gardening, car-camping, and hiking. Music, especially Rock and ethnic european. TV, books, and movies. Art, especially art deco, craftsman, Northwest native american, and celtic knotwork. Science, philosophy, and Buddhism. Good food and good drink. Family, friends, and cool, clever people.
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    Welcome back!
  2. Bluewolf Pete

    Paging Ms. Monkey: It is your day.

    Happy Birthday! Hope that you had a wonderful day!
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    Hello from NY!

  4. Bluewolf Pete

    Hi. I'm new here...

    Welcome! I usually take my absinthe 1:3.5, unsweetened. The folks that I know who make the stuff source high quality herbs and spices ... not quite sure what to make of "organic".
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    Hello everyone!

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    Hello there everybody!

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    Hello Green Fairy Fanatics! Or, Blended Absinthes Anyone?

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    Greetings From South Carolina!

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    What ya drinking tonight?

    Corpse Reviver #2
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    No more Black Absinthe!

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    New from buffalo

  12. Bluewolf Pete

    What ya drinking tonight?

    "Stout Diplomat" - dark rum, sherry and for the stout, Stone Imperial Russian Stout. Kind of like a stout on steroids, and definitely hitting the spot this fine Friday evening.
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    Antipodean absintheur

    Welcome to the Forum!
  14. Bluewolf Pete

    Kina style aperitif tasting review