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  1. Thujone (C10H16O) is the chemical compound notable for its presence in the alcoholic beverage absinthe. It is a colourless liquid with a distinctive menthol odour. It is a ketone and a monoterpene, and is found in two stereoisomeric forms: (+)-3-thujone or α-thujone and (-)-3-thujone or β-thujone. Its formal name is sometimes given as bicyclo(3.1.0)hexan-3-one, 4-methyl-1-(1-methylethyl)-,(1S-(1-, 4-, 5-α))-(9CI); other names include isothujone and thujanone. It is used as a flavouring agent in certain foods and is a compound in a number of other food additives. It boils at 201°C and is insoluble in water although it is readily soluble in ethanol or diethyl ether. "Thujone is found in a number of plants, such as arborvitae (genus Thuja, hence the derivation of the name), Nootka Cypress, some junipers, mugwort, sage, tansy (25-77% in essential oil) and wormwood, most notably the Artemisia absinthium species, usually as a mix of isomers in a 1:2 ratio." "Absinthe and wormwood oil contain not only -thujone as their purported active ingredient but also many other candidate toxicants, including -thujone and ethanol in the case of absinthe. -Thujone is less toxic than -thujone to mice (10) and Drosophila and in addition is 2.3-fold less potent in the [3H]EBOB assay (this investigation). Ethanol also enhances neuronal GABAA receptor function (30) and therefore might suppress the blocking action of -thujone in absinthe. However, ethanol does not alter the inhibitory action of -thujone on [3H]EBOB binding. The - and -thujone content of the absinthe sample examined here (0.4 and 5 ppm or 2.6 and 33 µM, respectively) may be a contributing factor in the somewhat greater potency of absinthe (based on ethanol content) than of ethanol per se in the [3H]EBOB assay. Current low levels of - and -thujone in absinthe are of much less toxicological concern than the ethanol content (6)." "However, the 10 ppm (66 µM) upper limit of the European Commission (6) and particularly the 260 ppm (1710 µM) thujone content of old absinthe (6) would give a detectable to major inhibitory effect beyond that of the ethanol content." This is only one scientific report which I'm going to try and proof through various others when I have more time. And provide definitions for the technical jargon. Right now though have to run. We'll get to the bottom of this wormwood / thujon thing.
  2. Sun Ra / It's after the end of the world 1970 Awesome Sun Ra concerts.
  3. It wasn't just Green One. It was (and this was after going through quite a few threads reading reviews and trying to find some absinthes that may appeal to me) all the negative responses to a simple question. If I want more thujon in my absinthe so what? Don't tell me I'm overeacting just because I finally stood my ground. Merely out of a little self respect. And mind you this is long after I'd already stated, "Nuff said, you can hold off the lion's." But instead of just being civil , though some members were, it was even more of these one sided insults. Green One just happened to be the last reply of this stupidity as I returned to thank forum members for the information I'd acquired whilst perusing the forum. I'm not here to make pretend I'm cool because I know of or so much about absinthe. I'm here to learn about it.
  4. Exactly. You're now on the road to wisdom. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Thank you drcocktail. And if I remember correctly you were the first to oblige with a list of absinthes you thought I may like to try. Which by the was all I asked for and your reply was really appreciated. Thanks again. Dave
  5. Hey, when people ask for a rebuttal, they should expext one. Snapped?? Oh, I see The Green Ones just kidding. What, veteren members can dish it out, but not take it? This is a forum right? Where even absinthe ignorant hypocrites such as myself and their opinions are welcome? Dosen't sound like Hiram or yourself wanna hear a newcomers opinions unless they behave themselves according to your standards. I understand a slight ribbing but I guess I expected a little more from people so refined and knowledgeable as to deny wormwood affects you (even mildly) when mixed with alcohol.
  6. Conju, Where in the Ghoul? Is it the scene where the lawyer offers the priest a drink?
  7. Ya that was rather a rant. But F^%$ people who think too much of themselves. And telling people you don't know what to or not to do Hiram is not your place. Even if it is your forum. :D Besides what's with all this denying that wormwood colors the alcohol effect when it's obvious it does? Peace Out
  8. Hiram, I did not skip the FAQ page or the fact which like you said, "Wormwood is a flavoring and very MILD STIMULANT." So stated, the absinthe amount DOES color the buzz of which ever base alcohol is used just as most of the other ingredients would. I merely came to this forum to learn a little more about absinthe. Not to be ridiculed needlessly by those of you who think your on some kind of pedastal for having had the opportunity to have examined many more absinthe brands than I. I understand I've only tried brands which most of the members of this forum resent. That is no reason to behave like a bunch of cocky, know it alls, to newcomers. That said, Lady Day (a favorite of mine) would laugh in The Green One's face for such snotty, f%$#ing stupid, behavior. I was asking for advise not someone's prejudice toward what my initial experiences with absinthe happened to be. I don't really give a shit what the people who have some vendetta against the poor marketing of absinthe containing wormwood (the essential ingredient) have to say. And more importantly, I'm not gonna be commiting the same gross behavior toward those with who I disagree, for whatever reason. People should educate not berate. To those of you friendly enough to care, CHEERS!!!
  9. Um. No. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> A disgrace to Lady Day. I've just ordered Jade Blachette and Capricieuse 72 la bleue. They just been shipped from Liquors De France. So now I can be cool like you Green One. A disgusting dispaly of snobbery that Billy Holiday would laugh at. To those of you with a little more compassion, thank you for your kindness.
  10. Are you certain? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Well, not absolutely. Actually, the more I look at it, the less certain I become. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Enoch, A fellow Lovecraftian enthusiast. One of my favorite authors. August 22nd Absinthe party time!!!
  11. Where is the best place to order Jade Blanchette or La Bleue Clandestine from?
  12. Nuff said, hold back the lions... Alright what absinthes do you recommend?
  13. "It's somewhat creamy, and most floral notes come overwhelmingly from wormwood flowers. A LOT of wormwood flowers" Ah Gatsby, thank you I do believe I shall procure this little straw skinned faerie and explore her realms... Great thread bv the way guys.
  14. "The best blanches are fruity, creamy and floral," Wouldst thou be so kind as to divulge the brands thou art referring too? They sound rather appetizing to say the least. Do any have a 68% alcohol proof?