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  1. Danny, guess what? I just gave your review another "unhelpful" vote. What a putz! I ticked the red x because I thought it would show the comments of the person who didn't agree with your review. Put it down to old age and senility. Anyways, sorry bout that mate! I liked the review and will go back and tick the green arrow this time. If any of our mods can ditch my erroneous vote I would be grateful.
  2. Taken earlier in the garden. And then later a glass of Jade PF raised in memory of wrayalien.
  3. Belated condolences Molly. I didnt really get to know him on the forum, but it's a sad loss for you and all his friends and family. I raise a glass to him. Jade 1901. Nothing but the best Wray!
  4. Happy belated good sir. I raise a glass to you!
  5. No surprises tonight. A glass of Blanche in the garden, followed by yet another Dark and Stormy.. "oh, the old black rum's got a hold of me like a dog wrapped round my leg..."
  6. Hey, let's get the facts straight Shabba, the picture I posted was before you drank the potion, as you well know. The gorilla is what came an hour later. Having said that, you sure do look pretty in pink! Have I got time to get over there before it wears off? Oh, and I have a present for you. Like what you see? Well, there's plenty more where that came from! Absomphe....step aside buddy, she's mine!
  7. No Shabba, not again! You promised !
  8. Ah, but grasshopper, remember the words of our illustrious master. "If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant." Welcome aboard Jillian!
  9. Hello Brian. I don't personally know any Brians, so when I hear the name Brian it's always Monty Python's Brian I associate it with. Imagine if all the Brians on the forum were to meet at a WS shindig. The introductions would be fun! Anyway, Welcome aboard...Brian!
  10. Oh, and nice idea with the champagne glass for the visuals buddhasynth.
  11. That would do it. I was wondering how to suspend the ice so the tendrils would fall. By the way Shai, those Dark and Stormys are far too moreish. The level in the Goslings bottle is dropping at an alarming rate. I could keep drinking them until I fall over! That gives me an idea. If I remain seated all evening I will be able to drink more. As you Americans say " Way to go" ! Which reminds me, you are all pronouncing yoghurt wrong.
  12. Just three. The Nikkor 18-55m zoom that came with the camera, (which is a D50 by the way, not a D60 as I first told you), also a Sigma 70-210 zoom, and my latest acquisition, a Sigma 105mm EX DG Macro for the close ups. A really nice sharp lens that won't break the bank. Oh, and a nice little set of Hoya close up filters. If you plan on doing a lot of close up stuff I highly recommended a macro lens. Tamron and Sigma are excellent for the price. Oh, and a decent tripod is a must have, and....well, on it goes, till the money runs out!