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  1. Sorry for the late reply, but it's all yours if you still want it. Drop me a message and we can arrange a hand-off. I'm glad that it'll be getting a good home.
  2. This one has been sitting in my cupboard unused for a long time. If I remember correctly, the glass at least was made from a pre-ban mold, (maybe Spanish?) though the glass itself is contemporary. The reason I don't use it is that it's pretty large, which I don't think comes across in the picture. It holds about 1.6 cups when filled to the rim. The dripper provides a slow stream rather than drips, but at a good speed for a good louche. It seems a shame to drop this at Goodwill, where nobody will know what it is, so I'd like to find it a home with an aficionado who can use it. Free free free.
  3. Hi all! On something of a lark, I'm going to the festival in Boveresse this June. Any veterans have any advice about doing it right, lodging, food, must-do things in the area, or anything else worth mention?
  4. I was up at Oliver's Twist last night and they had Lucid, Kübler, St. George, and one other that was new to me (good, could have done without the sugar, but I'm a little suspicious about the color). It was my birthday, and what a wonderful present to be able to order up an absinthe as easily as anything else. It's a beautiful new world we're in, my friends.
  5. Excellent! That'll be a great guide to check before any international trips. The Vert d'Absinthe sounds great too. I'll take any excuse I can think of to go to Paris. Now if I could just figure out how to get a job there.
  6. Which leads me to a question: where in the world can you just wander in off the street and browse the shelves of good stuff? Even in Paris, the liquor stores at best had the Pernod absinthe, but from what I took from the shopkeepers very fast and seemingly somewhat outraged French, that was just for tourists.
  7. He was visiting Rome and said it was all he could find. Judging by what I can dig up on the net and in other discussions here, it sounds like I should thank him kindly for having his heart in the right place, but file it up next to the Hills. Pretty bottle, anyway.
  8. Thanks everybody! You do make a guy feel welcome. Guess it pays to read that FAQ after all! Since a couple people asked, the Forestlawn moniker doesn't come from the cemetery of the same name, though I love cemeteries in general (no, not a Goth though I admire their fashion sense) and that one is my first stop if I ever get to LA, but that's more of an Errol Flynn fanboy thing. It's just something a high school friend's father always called me without any explanation at all and it stuck. Both friend and father have since gone to the great beyond, so I guess I'll never know. The Montana bar in question was the Rex Hotel in Billings. Used to go there and play backgammon and learn about different liquors (I was a late starter). The bartender even let me take over her job for free for most of a summer while she sat at the bar and drank. Hey, waitaminute...I got scammed! Anyway, it changed hands and was never the same, so not my favorite anymore - now it's the M&M in Butte maybe, or the Oxford in Missoula. Fine, gritty drinking establishments that probably haven't changed much in generations. I like places that make you wonder about all the people that have been there before you, what their lives were like, how it all turned out.
  9. Hello everyone, Pleased to be here. My name is Eric, I live in Seattle, and I've had an absinthe fixation since - and this is kind of embarrassing - I first came across it on General Hospital. Hey, it was the 80s and we all watched it! Luke and Laura were chasing some Cassadine around and they would know he'd been there by dashing into a room, picking up a glass, sniffing it, and saying "Absinthe!" So of course I dropped down to my favorite little Montana bar and ordered one up to see what it was all about. It got real quiet in that place. To this day I'm astounded that they even knew what it was, much less its legal status and to put me onto Pernod in its place. And that's when it turned into an obsession. When some first started leaking out of Eastern Europe in the 90s, traveling friends brought me back some Hills (looks like Scope, smells like Scope, tastes like Scope) and Sabor. I sampled some not particularly good varieties in Russia with some of the strangest absinthe rituals I've ever heard of - has anyone see the bit with the bendy straw and huffing the fumes? Finally as it started to be produced again, sites like this one put me on the right track. Currently I have a couple bottles of Jade - the Edouard and the 1901 - and a 100ml sampler of the recent pre-ban Pernod, of which I'm terrified. I know I don't have the tasting chops yet to do it justice, but I'm worried about whether it will keep long enough to wait until I do. I've read all the storage threads here that I can find and it seems like I'm doing the right things (short of a wine fridge), so that's something of a balm. So there you have it. I will probably do more reading than posting, but I'm so glad to have this resource and to be able to talk to other people that really care about this stuff. A friend of mine said the other day that I drink for art and I think there are some kindred spirits here.
  10. I'm going to be down around Avignon, so I'm hoping to make it up for at least a day. I've had the devil's own time trying to find any details about it, though. Could be bad searching, could be bad spelling, but if anyone could point me in the right direction I'd consider it quite the kindness. Thanks!