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  1. Don't denigrate your profession. You are a good person.
  2. OK. the world's alcoholics are very confused at this website: http://www.drinksmixer.com/desc2226.html gave this description of arak and some drink recipes. Whaaaaaa? These are bizarre recipes for Middle Eastern arak. "Arak is a Balinese liquor distilled from tuak, a sweet wine made from coconut palm flowers. It can also be distilled from brem, which is a wine made from black glutinous rice and coconut milk. Tuak is about 5% alcohol, but good arak can contain over 50% alcohol. recipes with arak... Alien Suicide Circus Peanut Eating Ass Feiry Fairy" The last recipe is a waste of perfectly good absinthe and arak. Or maybe this guy uses czechsinthe as he instructs you to light your drink on fire and enjoy!
  3. If that's true, she must love you in lace panties as well. To each their own. Caught by the double entendre.
  4. "Judge not, lest ye be judged judgmental." HA! Who said that? Muscular opinions abound around here, Arthur. In public I'm a sipper too, but I agree with Peeps that when you're alone and clad in boxer shorts — or lacy panties — anything goes. (Sometimes I have to chug absinthe before I can feel pretty in lacy panties.) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> HAHAHAHAHAHA. I love lace panties too! Oh wait, my wife is coming.
  5. Everyone take a deep breath now...... Well, I can assure you I would never do it. I've never done it with any liquor that's for sure but the color sure is inviting. That's why I played the child and mentioned melted pistachio ice cream. Everyone take a deep breath now.
  6. Hiram's post is a must read for all novices. Incorporate this on the WS homepage.
  7. Thanks for the advice. So verte absinthe does not taste like melted pistachio ice cream? No wonder you don't quaff.......
  8. I have yet to take my first sip, yet alone a gulp, but the beauty of the drink makes me want to take a good slug and then smack my lips and let out a hoot of delight. Is this ever done in polite company? The gulp I mean. Tell me! Here's my dilemma: I have foresworn all other luxuries for the purpose of purchasing absinthe. I believe my first purchase will be François Guy and Eichelberger Vert 68. Drink one and put up the other. However, due to a possible allergy to anise I may have to opt for a compromise: add Jade Eduard and ignore any allergy. In the meantime I am going for an Arak Ksarak. John
  9. They better be. They're pretty pricey as I recall. If I am not mistaken, I think some of the Japanese officers toasted with Suntory before they first sortie took off for Pearl.
  10. Hey Kitty witty. You will find the best in info and conversation here. Just plan your budget accordingly. Absinthe is not inexpensive.
  11. Thanks for the advice. I can still hope for the best!
  12. Speaking of araks... Since the local liquor store had no idea what arak is I opted for ouzo. Has anyone heard of an allergic reaction to anise-based liquors? I had 3 drinks last night and woke up at 4AM with the soft tissues of my upper palate all swollen. I took some benadryl and it cleared up. Maybe a coincidence but if I have an allergy to ouzo I probably will have one to absinthe. That would be a short career.
  13. We have another Absinthe is a drug guy on our hands. Please read the FAQ! If you want a drug-like effect, just go buy some pot. It is cheaper and works better than Absinthe in this regard. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> :( He does seem to imply that is what he is looking for. I never really picked up on that focus. My apologies. I never intended to offend the sensibilities of the absintheur here. I am just curious and naive most of the time - sorry. And certainly if I wanted a drug I could just take a dose of my Tussinex or pick up a peyote button on my next trip to New Mexico.
  14. Yes, you're absolutely right. Do you recommend it over ouzo? Does it louche?
  15. Calm down you two! Given my cash-poor situation right now, I have asked for suggestions on a substitute drink for absinthe. Some suggested ouzo, some suggested arak because they are CHEAP. In looking for "arak" I came across a distilled Bali drink of the same name the locals use to ply the tourists. It is distilled from an herbal "tuak" tea that they make. I think now, after a very little research, it is only sold/served there. But is seems to have engendered the same type of passionate following that absintheurs have for their drink. There must be something to it. However, if you have to talk friends going to Bali to bring some back to you then it is probably not worth pursuing. sigh....