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  1. Mindshifter! Glad you had a wonderful vacation. It sounds wonderful. Now I have this fantasy of visiting these two islands in mid-August of course :D


    I think you are quite right about the lots of sun. I have a little bit of A. pontica I obtained from Aardvark. The location in the garden where they got planted is not as sunny as I had thought. They are doing OK, but they may very well do better in a sunnier location. So like PB, I'll be preparing an improved, sunnier home for them later this fall, and transplant them in spring.




    Sir Gertz, perhaps you should meet up with some botanists from a local university. Perhaps an offer to share some fine green beverage will help gain access to these members-only areas of Denmark? But maybe they'd say :nono: to picking the plants.



  2. User Population:


    A specific user population of absinthe has not been identified.


    I'm so glad I'm part of an Unidentified User Population! A group I can really relate to. Apparently they haven't the time to google 'Absinthe' or 'Wormwood'.



    I'm very glad that Hiram is up for the challenge of correcting the DEA. Please let them know that you cannot make caramel by burning sugar. Caramel is made by slowly cooking sugar over low heat. But you know that, you're a very accomplished chef from the pictures you've shared.

  3. It seems that the ad wasn't a bad concept: "open your mind" can say go outside your usual beverage (as opposed to 'go get high'). But with a price around $200 a bottle plus shipping, that's quite a detriment to the would-be young, hip buyer. And then when the product tastes sooooo bad, you really won't get many repeat customers.


    My guess would be that it'd be better for the main distributors to have ads, then the potential customer would see a world of absinthe, and some very good ones all much cheaper than KOSG.



    uh? I just woke up. Wow, that was some thujone induced dream I had... B)

  4. Honest to goodness, Good Sir, with my hat in my hand, and my hand on my heart (with my fingers crossed behind my back) I'd never ever want this to be Absinthe Distilling 101. :D


    I understand your concerns. The authorities have powers and warrants and all sorts of ways of making life difficult even when no laws are really broken. And home distillation – in the US at least – is still illegal. Dang!


    It's interesting to me from an historical and archeological standpoint that we don't really know how correct these old manuals are from a standpoint of describing actual manufacture of absinthe. Or any of the other beverages for that matter. My guess is that it's pretty accurate as far as it goes, but probably leaves out details and specifics of a particular manufacturers' method. If someone has been able to work with these recipes in a university research environment, where they probably have a license to run an experimental still, these questions could be investigated. And the results publicly available in a journal or the like.


    Even Duplais has areas of uncertainly in the maceration by saying place the ingredients and alcohol in the bain-marie, which is a term meaning double boiler, or water bath. This implies they are heated to some temperature, but that isn't mentioned.


    I guess it's just the computer programmer in me that wants to know details. Probably have to settle for growing absinthe herbs - now that's legal. B)

  5. I've been thinking about past posts on this topic and had a few questions for the experts and most knowledgeable ones here. These questions are all theorectical.



    1. Does the term phlegms mean the same as tails, or does the former refer more specifically to the essence filled milky substance appearing at the end of distillation?



    2. When distilling a mash/wurt, one separates the heads as this contains methanol and other substances of lower boiling temperatures than ethanol. The maker wants the latter, not the former. When distilling absinthe, in theory one has already removed these lower alcohols, so what are the absinthe heads? (Mentioned by Grim™ and others as something that should be recycled into the next distillation.)



    3. Duplais says to macerate the herbs in the requisite quantity of alcohol, add water, then distill. Fritsch says to macerate the herbs in the requisite quanitity of alcohol with half the water one will use to distill, followed by adding the remaining water just before beginning distillation. Fritsch claims that this helps the herbs release their compounds more readily than simply alcohol.


    My question is that the good doctors have said the nasty tasting compounds are water soluble rather than alcohol soluble (relatively speaking). Wouldn't Fritsch's technique introduce more of these into the wash? Do these compounds have boiling points lower or higher than ethanol?



    I know I have more science questions but I don't really want to overload the system. :D Thanks in advance for any knowledge you may be able to share.

  6. How about cherry absinthe, peach absinthe (from our own organically grown farms where every laborer gets a proper wage and gets a BMW) or the very popular Coconut-Lime absinthe. Dakini brand! Your assurance of quality and kindness. We raised these peaches with love. Now carried at Wal-Marts across the country... It's a premium brand, because our owner says so. :devil: :D


    And don't forget our new caramel-flavored absinthe - Tastes Burnt™ - with real Burnt Sugar Molecules.

  7. ...

    I'm totally serious about trying to improve the info for noobs without any experience. How should we go about that?


    Any and all advice will be appreciated. I'm still a noob after 5 brands, but will probably double that this weekend. ...


    I totally agree with what Jane has said. (I know you not supposed to quote the post just above, but I wanted to highlight these two comments. I only have 3 brands so I'm more of a noob than Jane, by a long way.)


    People are very much looking to us for guidance on their purchases especially after ordering KOSG or Hills or something wretched. And we get many newbie introductions and often the discussion does go in the direction of "what should I buy?" So we're offering our opinions anyway. Just because we recommend some decent, perhaps mid-range, brands as an introduction to quality absinthe doesn't mean we exclude all the other good absinthes. I know no one here believes that I'm sure.


    Something simple, perhaps similar to Doc's list, spiffied up to HTML format. Just a thought.

  8. I'm fairly confident that if the FDA modified the thujone rules to conform with EU standards, Custom would change the importation status of absinthe to be simply another spirit like whiskey, etc. However, sometimes one part of the government doesn't know what the other is doing.


    The government operates in a manner that would lead Mr. Spock to famously say: "Quite illogical." :D


    See, pierreverte understands completely!