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  1. :laf:


    I haven't lived in Mexico, but it seems like NM has more than it's share of, I'll call them, spiritual seekers. I don't know why that is. Maybe it was just a skewed perception of mine. But other people commented similarly. But this might be considered getting close to a forbidden topic, so I'll leave it at that.


    Since you've lived in NM, I'll ask the really important question: red or green?


    :D :cheers:

  2. I lived in New Mexico for 7 years.



    OMG: I lived in Mexico, as well!


    It is a common misconception that New Mexico is a part of Mexico. It's actually part of the United States. :D



    I don't know what it is about NM but many people I knew would agree about learning a lot about oneself while living there. Who would have thunk it when I first moved there in 97 that I'd end up living in a yurt in the desert for 6.5 years. I was definitely ready to move on when the time came.



  3. You popped over a couple of times dakini, I offered you champagne and pimms :D


    Well it must have been some party! I don't remember having Pimms. Was it No. 1 or No. 3?



    Your journey up the California coast and into the desert sounds like it was very special. I lived in San Diego for 20 years and Silicon Valley for 8 years before moving to New Mexico. I remember that some very good, if basic, food could be obtained relatively cheaply at the numerous Mexican "taco stands" for lack of a better name. They often had names like "Roberto's" or "Alberto's". Often they were a chain, but in spite of that they were usually quite good. If you like beef, I'd recommend a carne asada burrito. Just a little tip for your next trip. :D



  4. ps My first experience with the sugar and absinthe was using a fork. That was pretty funny.


    If you're eating your absinthe with a fork, you're using way too much sugar! :P


    What??? You mean I'm not supposed to create a little sugar mountain on top of the absinthe spoon? If you stack 'em just the right way I can get 5 or 6 sugar cubes on top. No wonder my absinthes were so thick. PB and Gertz you are so right on! KOSG isn't half bad now. Even better is the wormwood in vodka macerate, that bitter finish contrasts nicely with the sweetness :hyper: . Thanks for showing me the way!! :harhar:

  5. I think most (all?) of us had some fantasy about what absinthe was like back in it's hey day. And if the Emperor came along with his time traveling elephant an offered a weekend in Paris 1900 I'd give it a try. (But no, I wouldn't join his harem. :nono: Kepp your hands to yerself Emperor.)


    My guess is that a lot of the absinthe wouldn't really measure up to our tastes. Not that we're oh-so-much-better but the differences in cultures across time and distance. I think we'd find a lot of the absinthes to be fairly simple anise-dominant drinks. That's speculation on my part, so someone with greater knowledge of the history can educate me.


    Most of the artists and writers weren't famous at that time and they certainly weren't well off. Some (most?) of them were downright poor. They weren't drinking Pernod Fils every night.


    I guess what I wanted to say is that we're creating a new absinthe history. Maybe a hundred years from now, assuming the world is still around, people will have some fantasy about the absinthe revival at the turn of the 20th century. Well, maybe not.



    I have two friends whom I've tried to interest in absinthe. One thought it was some drug that was going to do something to her. She's tried Jade Edouard and Ike verte. Basically was only able to finish half a glass of each - on different days. She doesn't like anise.


    The other friend had read the NY Times and New Yorker articles and was really interested in trying absinthe. She really liked the Ike, but thought absinthe (even at 4:1) was too strong (alcohol-wise). I think she liked the Ike because the anise is masked by the spiciness overtones.


    Of all my RL friends, I'm the only one who drinks absinthe.


    Enough babbling!



    ps My first experience with the sugar and absinthe was using a fork. That was pretty funny.

  6. OK. I won't hold my breath. :wacko: That made me dizzy.


    I kind of thought that I'd get empty boxes if customs had decided on inspecting my package. I worry a little bit about my local post office. You'd think they'd just deliver the package. But being a small town (pop. 4000) I keep thinking they'll be nosy busy-bodies and go poking where they shouldn't. I'm hoping that's simply irrational fears.


    I'll just bide my time. They say patience is a virtue. Whoever they are. :cheers:


    Peridot, how about a pik-sure?

  7. If you're getting soil tested, you might want to consider also testing other areas of your property. Just because the ash pit is in one place doesn't mean it all just stays right there. Whenever it rains the water flows within the ground carrying minerals from one place to another. While a slow process, if you have a 100 year old pit... And every neighbor around you has a 100 year old pit...


    I presume folks do vegetable gardening in this area where you live? Perhaps there is information on this from the local agricultural authorities. It could be that the levels are low enough not to be a concern, but better safe than sorry.


    As an aside, a recent article pointed out that many people fish in the lower Hudson River. Authorities have for years said eat fish from the lower Hudson no more than once a month due to elevated levels of mercury. Not high enough to see dead fish, but enough to get a build up in the body over time. People, if they were aware of the warnings at all, seemed not to care as the danger was not one they could perceive with the effects many years away.

  8. Welcome peridot! :cheers:


    I just found the FLA website. I remember them from the late 80's - early 90's. Remember Front 242? Early on they were very cool. I still remember Ministry with great fondness. Einstürzende Neubauten (need I say more?) Bauhaus?


    OK, so these bands aren't very current. But I'm not ready for that wheelchair! Get me my spiked cane, Granny's going down into the pit. :devil: