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  1. Any updates on DP availability at DUNY? (I've inquired, but methinks DUNY is giving me the silent treatment :3869-sadbanana:).


    It's up to DUNY to decide whether to say anything or not. It's a sad state of affairs, but that's the way it is.


    DP products are still available through Catskill Cellars and Astor Wine and Spirits. And product is available. It's available at both of these sources.


    I've been told recently that consumers aren't entitled to any explanation at all.


    I hope it wasn't something I said. But I don't feel it's appropriate for me to comment on DUNY's actions or attempt to explain them. It's just not my place to do so.


    I'm moving on and continuing to develop my business. I get re-orders from existing customers, new orders, and inquiries from new, potential future customers.


    I appreciate all the support from everyone and your valuable comments and reviews.



    btw, the color is sans garantie

  2. Hm, tough grader Tayker.


    btw, I don't recommend sugar with my absinthes. Maybe that's what the tasting notes say, but I wouldn't do that. It flattens out the flavors, and obliterates a lot of the subtlety and depth.


    I've had people say to me "Oh we tried it with sugar and we really liked it". But every time I do that, the sugar (even 1/2 cube) masks the flavors and makes it too sweet. I may want to suggest using not as cold water. I know that's outright heresy, but I often louche up my absinthe using a brouilleur with just cold tap water, without any ice at all.


    I hope you explore a little bit with my absinthes rather than just put them in the back of your cabinet. I personally hope you'll be rewarded.


  3. I'm assuming around 25 bottles per batch?


    Batch size is variable. 25 bottles would be the very low end. Currently running about 50-60 bottles per batch.



    They don't deliver to a lot of places.


    "Due to restrictive regulations, we cannot accept orders for shipment to the following locations:

    Alabama, Alaska, Delaware, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, West Virginia"


    The FedEx wine shipping chart for NY to other states.



    The UPS list seems to be the same, but UPS says they'll only ship wine.



    "onsite" consumers went to the winery and purchased, and the winery shipped them their bottles. "offsite" consumers called on the phone/internet/etc.


    A lot of these states have restrictions on how much you can buy and have shipped to you, and over certain amounts are supposed to be reported to the state (presumably to make sure you're not operating a business by selling that wine). But I doubt anyone is bothering to comply.


    The alcohol laws in the various states are all very broken.



    A company like DUNY needs to obtain separate permission from each state and jump through each's hoops to be able to ship.


    Nope. See above. The various states have never specified rules regarding shipments from retailers. All the above rules are supposed to apply to wineries.

  4. I'll have to leave it to others to say which of my absinthes might be the one you'd like. But I can tell you, that there are only 7 herbs in each of my absinthes, six of the usual standards and then some lemon thyme in the WW and violet herb in the MoL. It's really been very interesting to see that each has it's fans.


    Usually the WW is referred to as more "traditional" with stronger anise profile, though MoL is not lacking in anise.


    I was just down in the city on the 30th, so usually I make a couple trips a month. But because of the large order I'll go down again on Wednesday. If you're interested in product, simply call Astor and ask to speak with David. See if you can place an order, and I can bring everything all at once. Worth a try, I guess.


  5. Not sure if that's a picture of my absinthe. Looks like pre-ban to me. But who knows.



    btw, as of tomorrow (sometime) Ward III and Zinc Bar in Manhattan and Huckleberry Bar in Williamsburg (Brooklyn) will have DP absinthes for your enjoyment. Hotel Delmano blew through their original order and is reloading. I know Brooks will have an apoplectic fit, but hipsters are my clientele. :cheers: