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  1. So Robynn, what do you make of this, the strange lights over Norway:






    Not an aurora, at least not anything typical.


    And a group of friends in Santa Fe, NM saw multicolored lights similar to an aurora on the same night, except that there was no solar flare. Sunspot activity has been zilch for the last two weeks. Do you have any scientific pals who can shed some light on these events/effects?

  2. I'm glad some others admitted being clueless, because I am too. Being spiteful is such a waste of time and life energy. Sadly, too much of business seems to be run just that way.


    I hope that it's resolved quickly and without legal action.


    Good luck to Ted and having his fine products here in the US!


    ps I heard that he gave an excellent talk at the Houston event, which was very well attended.

  3. Of course, the legendary Three Floyds is almost at the top. :cheers:


    Rankings, schmankings...so many of those are fueled largely by hype...Berserker Imperial by Midnight Sun 'only' receives a score of 4.06 (which may not put it in the top 100 beers), but I'm certain it's the best Imperial I've ever tasted.


    I probably won't be able to find it in the boondocks, but I'll look. I'm sure you're right about the rankings. And many are probably only regionally available. Yes, 4.06 gets it to #43 (within the Imperial Stout style). But how many people have ever heard of Free State Owd Macs Imperial Stout (4.13/#29) let alone tasted it?


    But thankfully many good beers are being made in the US, in so many different styles. And that's the best part.