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  1. Happy day! Hope your day was a wonderful birthday.
  2. MCD's book Pernod 200 years discusses (not at length) the various successors to the various Pernod marques.
  3. to see if oxypolimidimine-4-forseth is right for him. Is it right for you too? Ask your doctor. Some restrictions apply. Side effects are pains on the left side, aches on the right side, and periodic splotches on the backside where only your doctor will know.
  4. Thanks everyone! It was a nice day and spent the evening with Brooks and scuto and a friend at Hotel Delmano and some NY pizza. Thanks to everyone for their support!
  5. Old Hendrix. (Yes I know it's all old.) Voodoo Chile and the best guitar riffs of all time in Voodoo Child (Slight Return).
  6. So Robynn, what do you make of this, the strange lights over Norway: http://spaceweather.com/ Not an aurora, at least not anything typical. And a group of friends in Santa Fe, NM saw multicolored lights similar to an aurora on the same night, except that there was no solar flare. Sunspot activity has been zilch for the last two weeks. Do you have any scientific pals who can shed some light on these events/effects?
  7. I'm also interested in getting a bottle. Is there any way to know what distributor here in NY might carry it? I could then special order from a local retailer if need be.
  8. Have a wonderful birthday celebration. :groupwave reversed:
  9. I think this would be a much better lemonade and absinthe (or herbsaint) cocktail. I think the pedigree here is much better. http://www.slashfood.com/2009/07/14/starry...-lenell-it-all/
  10. I'm glad some others admitted being clueless, because I am too. Being spiteful is such a waste of time and life energy. Sadly, too much of business seems to be run just that way. I hope that it's resolved quickly and without legal action. Good luck to Ted and having his fine products here in the US! ps I heard that he gave an excellent talk at the Houston event, which was very well attended.
  11. Just for clarity: it is the states that have enacted laws imposing the three tier system. These were passed after the end of Prohibition on order to control sale and distribution of alcohol.
  12. Happy belated! Glad is was a wonderful birthday.
  13. Happy day! Have a wonderful birthday.
  14. Happy birthday Larsy! Frappe's today!
  15. I know whose pot is bigger than mine by seven times.
  16. Rankings, schmankings...so many of those are fueled largely by hype...Berserker Imperial by Midnight Sun 'only' receives a score of 4.06 (which may not put it in the top 100 beers), but I'm certain it's the best Imperial I've ever tasted. I probably won't be able to find it in the boondocks, but I'll look. I'm sure you're right about the rankings. And many are probably only regionally available. Yes, 4.06 gets it to #43 (within the Imperial Stout style). But how many people have ever heard of Free State Owd Macs Imperial Stout (4.13/#29) let alone tasted it? But thankfully many good beers are being made in the US, in so many different styles. And that's the best part.
  17. I can only imagine what the 18 imperial stouts ranked at ratebeer even more highly than that would be like. Of course, the legendary Three Floyds is almost at the top.
  18. In a little while I'll have a Brooklyn Brewery Black Chocolate Stout (bottle, not on tap). I doubt it reaches the sublime levels of The Abyss (which I have yet to try), but I can work my imagination. <insert beer cheers emotion here>
  19. Time to move on. They'll never reorder. Please visit my web site for the vendors that do have my product. Thanks. btw, Joe's idea is a good one. Weather has held up and you won't have a sea of white to drive through (though that's beautiful too).
  20. Will all the people at the TX tasting event get to participate in the comparison tasting?