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  1. That will change next week.



    Which part? ;)




    Heh, I actually just realized what you wrote....that it was the best curacao available in America, rather than the best American Curacao. I was reacting to the notion that ours would be the only curacao made in America....low bar, I know.


    Awesome! Congratulations!!


    I wanted some orange curacao for some unusual frappe, so my friend said she'd get it. Told her what I wanted. Didn't expect any of the good brands (would have been ecstatic if it'd been Senior). I got a 750 of Hiram Walker Orange Curacao. :no:


    Will VA have your (I'm quite certain very wonderful) curacao in say early May? Maybe I can get a friend to order me some and have it waiting for me.

  2. We aren't necessarily rating whether we like it or not, but whether it fits within the pre-defined criteria.


    Whoa! Dude!!


    The idea must be that if the absinthe perfectly fits the criteria, everyone will have the same rating.


    Even if they don't like it?


    It's always going to be relatively subjective, dependent on the experience with absinthe of the drinker and their personal preference.


    And as Marlow implies, what will be held as the basis for the pinnacle of those criteria? Pre-ban? If so, most people will never have seen it or tasted it. And that only becomes more true in the future.

  3. Thanks much everyone. Yes it's difficult with such a small still to produce enough for all the vendors simultaneously. The wait would be much longer for everyone, so I haven't opted for that route.


    I know Julie and Eric at Catskill Cellars really appreciate your support and patience. I know in under a couple weeks they'll be getting more product, so hopefully they'll be able to fill all the outstanding orders (but I don't know how their order list matches my deliveries). And I'm still making more every day. Little by little!


    Screwtape, our post-Prohibition liquor laws don't allow me to sell to stores in other states without going through a distributor. And that would cause you to have to pay a lot more or I would have a harder time breaking even or growing the business. But thanks for the offer.


    cheers to all!

  4. It's a good job as those things go. Still like being the boss. I know if I ever have employees, I'll have to hire someone to manage them right away as I'd drive them insane (they'd quit first, I'm sure).


    But it was 7 hours driving (there and back), plus driving for basically three hours around the city (Brooklyn and Manhattan) with 5 minute stops (usually illegally parked as there is no other kind typically) to dash in with a box of absinthe, hopefully without getting an expensive parking ticket. Driving in New York City. :twitchsmile:


    Probably would make more money with whiskey though. I feel a bit like the first people making PCs out of their garage. A PC? That will never sell. Get a job fixing mainframes, they'll be around forever.


    And if I could sell across state lines (without a distributor) that would be a plus. Get quite a good number of calls from CT and NJ stores. But I'm not wealthy enough to take on the three tier system, even though they are interfering with my ability to conduct interstate commerce. :devil:


    But overall very exciting in many ways and we'll see where it goes. :cheers:

  5. Just back from NYC. For those who might be interested...


    Gary and Paul over at Bowery Poetry Club and some patrons were all very interested in the absinthe today and seemed to enjoy it. Keep fingers crossed for possible future event...


    Astor got their big order today. Maybe someone else bought it all, but if you're interested you could give them a call. Doesn't seem to be up on the website yet.


    Oh, tasting at Astor, April 3rd, 3-5 pm. I'll be fixing up some absinthes, some frappés, maybe a Sazerac or three, or that kind of cocktail thing for those not interested in simply adding water to absinthe (the best way, imho). Let me know if you want to be reminded as the date gets closer.

  6. Sorry, my bad.



    But, how interested would you have been in class if there were questions like this:


    Johnny has three bottles of Herbsaint from the 30's, a bottle from the 20's in mint condition with full level, and four Herbsaint glasses with brouilleurs. He want to sell them as a set to get a case each of DP-sinthe, two cases of Pacifique, 43 bottles of Marteau, a complete set of the matching Joe-and-Jules releases from Ridge, and a case of mini's of all the Jades, what should he make his asking price if the Pacifiques are 3 times the price of the Jade mini's, 10% less than the Marteau, and the DP-sinthe is the inverse of the sum of the squares of the Ridge? And will he have any money left over?