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  1. That sounds... horrible.


    It was not what I call stellar. I only had a sip. I just tell people I'm not a cocktail person.


    The problem I noticed, and I don't know if this is common, but suspect so, that a small restaurant-bar gets some absinthes (Kübler, Lucid, Mata Hari, Pernod). They have no clue what to do. So they serve these weird absinthe cocktails from the manufacturer's website. Or someone says they haven't ever had absinthe is given a splash of Kübler - without water! - and they sip it like it's some flavored vodka.


    And when they try the classic way, it's often under-watered.


    I'm sure there's many bars that serve absinthe properly, but I suspect I'm going to see this a lot.


    The other problem is I thought I was going to get this classic cocktail, and I got something fake.

  2. A wise ass? Well! There aren't any of those here. You'll have to look elsewhere.




    Hm... Wait a sec. You're from Buffalo. So is that tongue-wagging fellow. He has fond memories. Was there lots of LES* this year? :devil:




    I guess I'll finally admit to buying a bottle of the Sheep Dip a few years back. I'm not sure how you get a blended single malt. I thought the text was funny about using their whiskey to dip sheep. (Just a joke.) I didn't realize that it might not have been a joke. :twitchsmile:



    [*] LES = Lake Effect Snow

  3. Last night I was served a sazerac. That's what they said it was. It was from the Mata Hari site. Oh, sorry, maybe this should be in the Waht pissed you off? thread. Otherwise a wonderful night.



    (From the famous barkeeper Damian Windsor)

    1 Barspoon Mata Hari Absinthe

    Lemon Peel

    Orange Peel

    1 heaping Bar Spoon of Agave Nerctar

    2 dashes of Peychaud’s Bitters

    1 .5 oz. Partida Anejo Tequila

    Chill an old-fashioned Glass with ice and water. In a Separate mixing Glass Squeeze the orange and lemon peel coating inside of the glass with the oils. Then combine the rest of the ingredients, add ice, and stir thoroughly. Discard the contents of the old-fashioned glass. Then strain the mixing glass mixture into the old-fashioned glass.

  4. Djabel and Green Fairy have had COLAs for a little while (Oct 08).


    The Green Fairy copy on the back label is very enticing:


    During the dark-ages Bohemian "witches" and pagan worshippers used potions distilled from local herbs including wormwood (artemisia absinthium) as healing tonics and for social rituals. Green Fairy is based on one of these ancient recipes.


    I've found many people that know the word absinthe, but don't know of the fire ritual. These usually are a little older, less likely to be part of the bar or club scene. That could be why.


    At $59 for Green Fairy, Lucid is a better buy.

  5. Time for da-bump!


    Some photos from one of the first production runs.



    The pot during warmup before the lid goes on.



    Absinthe distillate flowing into what's called a parrot and being measured by an alcoholmeter. From there into a 1 liter graduated cylinder. Why? Because I like to measure stuff when I'm starting with new equipment.



    Gonzo-Fury (the TTB registered name of the still and it's condenser) in all its "glory".



    I'll try and get some product photos up this weekend.


    I'm not quite as regular with production as I want to be, but things are getting up to speed as I work through stuff. I'll get there I'm sure.

  6. Today I had the chance to try the Ommegang Chocolate Indulgence. Very nice. Unfortunately, I'll have to drive to the brewery to get any. :3869-sadbanana:


    I've also learned they have a new special inaugural brew, only available on tap. Informally the beer is called "Obamagang". I see a couple places in Oneonta where I can get it. I wonder if they sell growlers? :devil:

  7. For the PA folks, I know you may all be drinking nothing but Vieux Carré from now on, but I have checked into getting on their vendor list. It's costs a grand. Then I can be on their special order list. Don't know how long that will all take, but I'm investigating.


    VA is another control state I'm looking into as setting up for special orders.


    But thanks everyone. I really feel that a huge weight has been lifted from me. I know there's lots of work to do, but at least I won't be endlessly waiting on government.


    Cheers to everyone, including all the Satan-worshippers and pirates among you!


    :dev-cheers: :arrr: :cheers:

  8. One comment on the bottle though - why clear glass? It's a beautiful shape, and of course the color grabs your attention when it's on the shelf, but clear glass can't offer much protection against UV rays. I've done some searching to try to figure out if the natural chlorophyll is even affected by light, but haven't gotten too far. One reviewer mentioned that light exposure hastens the feuille morte, but is there any effect on flavor or aroma?


    Leopold mentioned once before that many distributors prefer the clear glass to show off the beautiful color. Colored glass for spirits is quite expensive unless you want to use a wine bottle, and many spirits consumers in the US aren't accustomed to that.


    If you keep the absinthe out of the sun, it should be fine. Store in the dark when you get it.

  9. Very nice labels. I was expecting to see some of your painting on the labels though!



    Thanks. I know they don't meet the fanciness of the Marteau or Pacifique in elegance, but I do my little bit. The 2 mm rule really snagged me. I didn't realize so much text had to be so big!


    I kept thinking that my paintings are so wild they mighty bump into the "no references to hallucinations" rule. And every time I tried to come up with something, I had a disaster of a painting. It was one of those signs to just skip it. But thanks for thinking of them!

  10. There's a couple new COLAs worth checking out. It's a few days before they'll show up in the public registry.


    Due to NY brand registration and price posting schedules I won't be able to get the stuff into stores until April 1, but hey, that'll give it a chance to rest. I've been talking to Kamal @ DrinkUp and Bill @ Astor. So when you shop let them know you're interested (if you are).


    Oh, also got official NY state approval, but I haven't yet received my official permit. Along with info about how to file taxes. I'm sure they'll tell me that. But I know they're due on the 20th of the month for NY.






  11. 1. Catskill 68/for freshness and uniqueness



    1 - YES! CO soon I pray!



    Thanks so much. Remember, it's the only absinthe to be on the market that's "artificially colored with all natural herbs". :twitchsmile:


    I'm still fighting the use of the word "artificial". I guess if I changed my formula to say I "infuse" the herbs in the distillate they'd be happy, but they haven't said that's what they want. They haven't said I can't say "colored with herbs", even though that's what everyone does; except for those that use real artificial colors. But I suspect that having a statement such as "colored with herbs" on absinthe products regardless of how the manufacturer described it in their formula scare them as a step in the direction of actually defining absinthe, which they don't officially recognize as existing (it's a distilled spirits specialty).