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  1. any sings of slowing


    It's just that over the phone you couldn't see me twitch nor the grey silver hairs.


    For the sake of humankind, I'll refrain from doing my rendition of Puccini's O fior del giorno.


    But thanks for the interview Ben! It was great talking to you.


    Sorry I couldn't meet you at the absinthe tasting, but a prior engagement had me traveling.

  2. If you are interested in collecting spoons, you should get the spoon book. The posters book would be cool, just to see all the cool posters. The books on the marques (brands) would be very interesting, more so if one reads French, but they apparently have lots of pictures too.


    I've looked through a friends' spoon book, and it let's you know how rare the spoon may be and the like. Once again, much more information for those who read French. I remember the paper seemed very good. They definitely weren't cheaply made books.

  3. So is there no real "best way"? I mean, aren't all these pre-bans that are found totally unopened? How long is the life once it is opened and some air is let in?



    It won't go "bad" by having some extra oxygen in the bottle I don't think. But Brian and Boggy have both said that once a bottle gets below halfway it may be better to transfer to a smaller bottle. Admittedly, I've never done that.


    The one or two dose removal before aging may be emulating those pre-Bans. The seals weren't perfect and over the course of 100 years they did lose some contents to evaporation.



    Wayek, I'd love to open a store on the US side of the bridge. It'd have a big sign "Absinthe Shoppe" and I and all my Canadian customers could thumb their noses at the OLCB as they buy their American absinthe. :cheers:

  4. I'd suggest opening both, and having a glass or two from each bottle (not necessarily in one night!). That'll allow a little more air into the bottles. I'm partial to what happens with MoL by three months, but maybe everyone else won't, I don't know. But it seems real drinkable even now.


    I'll have to let you decide. Both are like beaujolais, fresh and new. So both will benefit from more rest. But only you can decide what you want to drink. Sounds like you have some good choices no matter what you choose.



  5. I'm not real keen on the social networking sites. I've avoided them for much of the reasons mentioned above. However, as a business owner, it would be ill-advised on my part to assume that the absinthe forums would provide sufficient sales for sustained success.


    When you run a business, there's things you have to do whether you like it or not.


    Hope you like my absinthes pt447. I like these new batches. I hope you do too. afaik, this should clear up the order backlog and have some left over for the tasting event.

  6. Grain neutral spirit, Joe.


    Part of the pricing is that I have to do (almost) everything except grow the herbs. When the growers are small herbalists who can get $25/lb (and more) for their herbs due to their quality, I can't ask them to charge me less.


    Based on the prices, rounded to the nearest whole dollar, of other products on DUNY (as of today 04/04/09)


    CLB $80

    St George $70

    Obsello $50

    Duplais $72

    VP $65

    NO $111

    Leopold $73

    La Muse $63

    Lucid $59

    Mansinthe $62

    Marteau $86

    VC $56

    Pernod P d'A $62

    DP's $72


    I think you'll find the price quite reasonable for what you get. And for those in the PNW and environs who are able to obtain the Pacifique, they have a wonderful absinthe in their backyard.

  7. Walton Waters is the closest commercial absinthe I've had to pre-ban Pernod Fils. I'm not saying I'd mistake one for the other, just that it's the closest I've tasted.


    Just to clarify, and avoid confusion: when Phoenix visited the distillery he had the chance to taste a Walton Waters prototype that was maybe 7 months old, that used a particular distillation protocol. I choose to use a more straightforward protocol in the production version for a number of different reasons. Perhaps in the future I'll create a version that uses that prototype protocol.


    But regardless, like Absomphe says, I don't try to make re-creations of vintage absinthe. That's not my area of knowledge. And if my creations approach or even equal the Pacifique, then that would be high praise in my book.


    Hopefully more bottles will reach their destinations soon.

  8. I know it's not absinthe, but the Ksarak Arak (from Lebanon) is a very inexpensive (about $20-24) arak. Anise and grape spirit. Very well made I think. Others have often recommended things like the HB pastis when absinthe isn't available or you want something else. I'm sure there's other suggestions too.

  9. Not themes again.


    I always hated art shows that wanted a "theme". Sure it makes the show hang better, but in this case there in an intrinsic theme: WS and absinthe. Every picture is taken by a WS member, and you can be certain it's about absinthe. Is anything more really needed?



  10. Tomorrow I travel to the Big Apple to make deliveries. Of course Astor Wine and Spirits gets a delivery. The Aroma Thyme Bistro in Ellenville, NY will be able to start serving Delaware Phoenix absinthes. I think Frankies 457 in Brooklyn will have a bottle or two in their bar by the end of the day. Either Wednesday or Thursday, Catskill Cellars Wine • Spirits in Downsville, NY will have a couple bottles. Ray's Fine Wines and Spirits in Delhi, NY will have a couple bottles on Thursday. Cave Mountain Brewing Company in Windham, NY will have a good stash on Friday.


    There was some other place I was supposed to drop off some absinthe and I can't remember at all what it could be. :devil:



    I know you folks won't be shy about your comments and that's a good thing. This will be pretty fresh absinthe. Know that the batch for these bottles was made in a 5 liter alembic. I think the results are decent. I drink this stuff. There are things I want to do in the next batches to make things better. Maybe I'll become the first ISO 9001 certified absinthe distillery. :devil:


    With great trepidation I send my little bottles out into the cold, cruel world!