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  1. Allow me to detail the swath of my destruction: Buffalo, NY > Lewisburg, PA > Buffalo > Iowa City, IA > Tijeras, NM > Iowa City > NYC > Prague > Puddleville.


    Tijeras, NM!!!!!


    I lived 6 years in Cerrillos, NM and 18 months in Madrid, NM.


    OK, I'm on the map. And how I got here, well I think I crash landed somehow. However, the places I've lived are:


    New Brunswick, NJ -> Ft. Lauderdale, FL -> New Shrewsbury, NJ -> San Diego, CA -> Cupertino, CA -> Sunnyvale, CA -> Santa Fe, NM -> Madrid, NM -> Cerrillos, NM -> Walton, NY.

  2. Greetings Delco Kitty! :D :cheers: from one newbie to another.


    I'm glad you already know to practice safe and responsible absinthe drinking by not setting your absinthe on fire. :wave2:


    Enjoy the forum. I've found it very informative and have learned a lot.

  3. I used to listen to Blue Oyster Cult quite a bit in the 80's. The albums are gone but the memories remain. The 70's and 80's music works. Go back to the 60's and I was listening to "underground" music on the FM dial. AM was the norm then.


    I'm back to AM again  ;)


    I read somewhere that AM is coming back. Here in Walton, we get one radio station. And it plays both kinds of music: Country and Western. :) But with internet radio I can listen to lots of different music not locally available. I don't do that often, but it's interesting to try every now and then.


    Just checked out the BOC website. Google "Blue Oyster Cult". Ah, now I remember some of their songs. I was stoned most of the time back in the 70's. At least that's my excuse.


    Listening now to GD Fillmore West recordings from Feb 28, 1969. And I just heard, yes, it's true: cowbell! Gotta go and turn it up.... Cowbell. :cheers:

  4. I'd forgotten to look back at my own thread...


    Those are really wonderful costume creations. Actually everything is very nice. Perhaps some day a special absinthe grill shall grace my glass.


    I really enjoy the Celtic images. They've always fascinated me, but it's not something I've been able to do. My work is so abstract and fractured, anything approaching natural or realistic drawing seems beyond me. I always have to create it different from what is appears to be.




    Well my mind seems to have gone somewhere else. I'm at that place where I can't type very much and nothing comes to mind to write. But I think it's wonderful that we have such extraordinarily creative group.


    Perhaps I get get an hour's worth of painting done before work (assuming that I can use the brush better than I can type).



  5. I tend to listen to Delerium alot and some vocal trance. Every now and again I like to go back to  the stuff from my youth, Uriah Heep, Jethro Tull, Moody Blues, Hawkwind, Clapton.......

    Oh yea and Vangelis.

    I thought I'd forgotten some of them. I didn't remember Hawkwind until you mentioned them. Anyone remember Blue Öyster Cult? (I don't have any of these records any more. Left behind along with other detritus of life during a move at some point.)


    Now I listen to a bit of Chopin piano occasionally, but mostly it's Jerry and friends or Einstürzende Neubauten.

  6. Dakini, more press of a positive nature would, I hope, have two effects:


    1.  Flaming Frat Boy types would realize it ain't gonna get them high, so they'd not buy it.


    2.  Intelligent people, possibly even in politics (if that's not an oxymoron) might realize it's not poison.




    That said, perhaps a WS press release wouldn't be a bad idea . . . or maybe a better choice would be an absinthe lobbying group, not (officially) affiliated with a particular website or producer?  You know, a PUPPET!


    All very good points. And the Frat types probably would drink KoS or something similar just to get drunk. Actually they would try to get the girl to drink it. :shock:


    And my brain is completely incapable of coming up with a fancy acronym like this. My hat (if I wore one) is off to you (and Ari and Doc too!).


    And like anything else, beer, wine, etc., there'll be average quality stuff that's not half bad and there'll be artisan-crafted products catering to the aficionado. I'm stating the obvious, aren't I? I'll just sit in a corner and drink my beverage (coffee at this time of the a.m.).

  7. I like La P'tite. I haven't had any other blanches, but of the mere three bottles of absinthe that I own, I find it's becoming a regular in my glass. If only because I can't really afford to drink the Edouard all the time, and the Eichelberger (as wonderful as it is) just doesn't seem to be what my taste buds are after.


    Have any of our experts have words of comparison with other blanches? I know Kübler is very highly regarded. Just curious.

  8. Likewise. I used to cook in restaurants, now it's a personal expression.  I also used to draw, watercolor and sculpt, but I haven't touched traditional media since getting sucked in by the computer, but I do 3D and 2D graphic design.  I also used to do fine woodwork, making musical instruments and such.  There is a thread here where several of us discuss this very thing.  Also, Mrs. Hiram is quite an artist and pretty much just draws and paints all day.



    I am seriously impressed with those cooking skills. Wow. Guaranteed you won't see anything like that at my house.


    I've avoided really working on the computer graphics for just that reason; that I'd neglect the traditional media. I spent so many years on a computer, that my wrists aren't going to allow that anymore. Going to stop writing now and check out Hiram's other threads...



  9. Now, I'm curious. Are there other artists on WS?


    I do a lot of sketching with ink, and pencil. Some charcoal, but not much anymore.


    I also do a lot of writing. I used to write a lot of poetry, but I lost my muse after one was published.


    I also consider my cooking an art. I've always been interested in the art of cooking, as opposed to just eating for caloric intake and sustenance.


    Now it's all about just enjoying it.


    I had to learn that about painting, all over again. It did start as something I did for myself. Then some people saw what I was doing and they liked what they saw. Eventually I tried to sell what I did for my own purposes. With some effort, over time I did get sales. Never enough to live off of. Never did get a gallery. Have a pile of rejection letters from them. :( Now I have to get back into it more for my own purposes. My own impulses.


    I guess I'm a little envious of Mrs. Hiram being able to draw and paint all day. But it's not my stock in life (sob) "Pull yer'self up kid! slap! Snap out of it!"


    OK. I'm better now.

  10. Maybe the place to start is by sending a copy of the FAQ to the author and editor of the very ill-informed article. I know, you're saying, Dakini, no one reads the FAQ. But I read the FAQ. There are people in the print media. They're supposed to READ, aren't they? And if they're going to make the effort to read ModernDrunkard.com (gack!) well perhaps they might even make the effort to click over here.


    Have a press release about the Wormwood Society. How we're, um, what words do I want here? We're smart™ and sophisticated™ and a Broad Section of America®. We're absintheurs. Who could resist people with online names like Grim, Dr. Cocktail, DrinkBoy and all the cute little avatars. OK, I'm an optimist!


    I know there are some serious downsides to this line of thinking. Price of Jade triples due to demand. All the other good absinthes increase in price and go out of stock quickly. Lots of Americans start drinking absinthe until only Warren Buffet and Bill Gates can afford it. So unless Seagrams and friends decide there's money in the Green Fairy (it is the American Way™)... Customs decides that looking for bottles of the evil beverage is as important as stopping Osama's buddies. Courier shipments are seized to great public fanfare. And on...


    OK. You've convinced me. Maybe it's just better if we keep it a nice little private club. But damn! If only we'd gotten those Louisiana senators to add a line legalizing absinthe in those hurricane reconstruction bills. For rebuilding lost business... Helping the city recover.


    I'm sure I'm on everyone's "Ignore User" list now :D

  11. I looked through the thread hoping to find Doc's results. It would appear that the Dive Bars of Las Vegas have captured Doc and left him :drunk: I hope he's able to get back safely. The thought came to me that a rescue mission was in order. But would I be able to enter a Dive Bar to safe Dr. Cocktail? Almost certainly not. They don't even serve absinthe. And if they did, it'd probably be Hill's. (I admit I've never tried it. Too many knowledgeable people have advised otherwise.) Souls braver than I, would need to undertake the quest.


    And if Doc's gone, who'll be there to say "He's dead, Jim." ??



    btw, I bow down in awe of DrinkBoy's collection. I have a lot to aspire to.

  12. yay for artsy people!

    - and in particular, yay for those who use egg tempera ...



    Well thanks so much. I don't consider myself really accomplished in egg tempera. But I must admit that I really liked the results and direction of my technique in the last paintings. They began to approach the wonderful luminosity that I remembered in Sassetta's paintings I saw in the Louve. Not that mine are anywhere as good as Sassetta's.


    Now, I'm curious. Are there other artists on WS?







    My first fountain. I chose plastic for the convenience of removing the small opening on top. Ice is easier to add. ;) 





    :) That is mighty clever. My guess is plastic is also cheaper than glass. Is this true?


    I'm curious, how small are the openings at the top. I presume too small for an ice cube.


    I think we need ring stand in the shape of the Green Fairy.

  14. Thanks so much to everyone for their welcomes and nice comments on my paintings. I'm looking to do some more soon. (I often work in periods of intense activity followed by sloth and indolence.)


    Look forward to the discussions. And who knows, perhaps at some gathering at the Center of the Universe™ a Walton-living, absinthe-drinking, dakini painting, artsy person will appear with a bottle of absinthe. :cheers:

  15. Welcome!

    I spent 3 years in Oneonta and loved it.  I hope your goats didn't get washed away in the flooding this week. 


    All is good with the goats and other farm animals. My house is all right as I'm up the hill from the river. Not as good for the houses and businesses on the main, low-lying streets. Not like New Orleans where houses were washed away, but there's a lot of furniture, carpet and the like waiting to be hauled to the dump. At least in this little village, no one is :dead: from the flood. But more damage than 1996 is what people say.


    Thankfully, I didn't lose any bottles of the precious elixir - absinthe :)

  16. Nice intro!  Welcome!  :cheers:


    So, do you paint on dakinis, pictures of dakinis, or are you a dakini who paints?


    Hummm. Probably most accurate to say pictures of dakinis, but that hasn't been the only thing I paint. My profile gives my web site (ooooh). :D Lately haven't been able to paint much of anything. That w-o-r-k thing gets in the way of so much! But we'll see what happens. I keep thinking how the Green Fairy may effect my painting. My stuff is weird enough as it is. Kinda frightening.


    But thanks so much to all. I feel like part of the family already. :wave2:

  17. Hello,


    I'm a relatively new user and saw the forum where I perhaps should have introduced myself earlier. I live in upstate New York, USA. I work on a farm, milking goats, feeding goats, cleaning up after goats. I live with two vicious, killer dogs and two cats. One of whom is really named Mr. Cat. Ah, now in my old age, I look back on my life. What could have been! Alas, I have fallen under the spell of the Green Fairy. Now there is no hope for me, I am certain.


    How did the Green Fairy come to me? It wasn't that long ago. I was thinking of the early Cubist painters, their still life paintings, and the thought "absinthe" came to me. Absinthe. The sound of it was pleasing in itself. I remembered the ad in "Art in America" a few years back announcing the return of absinthe. Could it be?


    To Google.


    A whole world of absinthe existed. And one could simply order it online. But wait... I'm not a big fan of licorice.


    "Q: I don't like anise, which absinthe should I buy? A: probably none."


    After spending way more time on the Net than I care to recount, it seemed that the Jade brand was the best of the modern absinthes. Of course, opinions differ. But the positives voices seemed to greatly outweigh the negative ones. Some clicks of mouse and keys, an order with Oxygenee/LdF was placed. Jade Edouard 72 it is. In three days, the package arrives. There is real excitement. And fear. What if I don't like it?


    This was very much different from any beverage I've ever had. Mostly I drank wine, and that rarely these days. Thankfully, it wasn't like licorice. But I wasn't sure whether I liked it. Yet I couldn't articulate what it was that I didn't like. Perhaps, I'd made it too thin at 1:4 sans sucre. Resolved, next time it'll be 1:3 avec du sucre.


    So several nights later, my weekend opportunity arose. With sugar this time, and less water. And the first sip was, well, yes, this is very good. Yes, very good, indeed.


    So perhaps it's been a month now since my first encounter with the Green Fairy. And I've since added a bottle of the Eichelberger 68 and La P'tite to my little collection of absinthes. I've ordered from LdF so far, and am amazed that within 3 days bottles of absinthe magically appear on my doorstep. Only my bank account tells me it's not magic.


    And now, this post has gone on for far too long...


    Regards to all. Photos of dogs and 1 cat.