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  1. For Delaware Phoenix spirits (absinthe and whiskey), they can be purchased from Catskill Cellars which ships to many states. This is the only option for now. I do not have any information about their reasons other than what has been provided.
  2. And by saying this is the "closest possible recreation" they imply that their product is closer to pre-ban over all others. Given that most people who walk into a liquor store will never taste real pre-ban, the customer will consider this to be close enough. Given the distribution and marketing power of Pernod-Ricard you can be certain it will be readily available. Their only challenge will be most liquor store owners think they need an absinthe brand on the shelf like they need a hole in the head. Cheryl
  3. Thanks everyone. Hi Brian. I don't come around much as I don't want to be just a shill for what I do, and I want people to feel free to comment on my products. It's difficult to say what you might think when something is so associated with a particular person, you don't want to hurt their feelings. I'll try to get deliveries in real soon as I also need to send even more money to Uncle Sam and they don't like it if you're late. All the best everyone, cheryl
  4. Hello all. I have't been on WS for a long time, but I'm not sure how many of you have subscribed to my Facebook page, so it's possible you'd miss the announcement. I've just gotten the labels so I'll be able to bottle this weekend. 1. There'll be a new expression of Blues Cat. I made this in January 2013 pretty much with the original herb bill, but more my coloring process and it uses Delaware Phoenix herbs and it's been sitting ever since. New York state has had a $250 fee for every brand label in every side for all spirits, renewed annually. Considering I'd have to add $1 or $2 to the wholesale price to cover the cost of this fee, I never did anything. Now that fee has been rescinded for all brands with production under 1000 gallons annually. Astor Wine and Spirits and Catskill Cellars have ordered this and so as Hudson Wine Merchants. If there are other stores you shop at, you may wish to request them to carry it. There will be about 150 bottles from this batch. 2. Meadow of Love will be available in a 375 ml size. I know for people here, maybe that is "so what?". But many people new to absinthe, or looking for absinthe simply to use in cocktails, have difficulty getting a full 750 ml size bottle. And many stores don't want to carry an expensive niche spirit with a relatively high price when they could sell 10x as much of another flavored vodka. I won't get to making deliveries until mid-next week, so it may be best to wait for the retailers to have the products. Thanks for all the support over the years all of you absinthe aficionados as it has been great to keep things going for 5 years. Let's hope the next five years are even better.
  5. Not really, other than being green. This is Eric's recipe and Eric's method. Cheryl may or may not have used certain attributes of the former in batches of her own brands (but I think not) and I'm almost certain she never used his method before Blues Cat. This is an Eric-style absinthe. With all due respect and credit to Cheryl, this is Eric's baby. The distillation protocols were no different that what I normally used and have been using for years now. They are similar to what I did back with the dinky 30 liter alembic, but the 45 gallon still allowed me to make a few further changes. But it's all methodology that I worked out prior to opening the distillery and especially during the time after getting my TTB permit and the NY State license (a period of nearly 7 months). I was the one that ran the still and made the cuts. We all worked together to load the still with base, water, herbs, herb prep and the like. Eric, Kirk, and Artemis did the coloring, and that was Eric's method upon which I will not comment. If people want to bitch and moan about who gets credit for what or who did more work than someone else, well that's their problem. As far as I'm concerned, it was exactly what the label says: a collaborative effort. It's something Eric and I had talked about for two years and finally we said, let's just do it. I'm glad we did because I think it's a nice absinthe. And I hope people like it. I think they will. I want to thank Catskill Cellars and the other retailers for taking on an additional absinthe. In this economy, most have little interest in absinthe, and another absinthe on the market doesn't seem to be the wisest thing. I know many of you have already supported Catskill Cellars, but for those yet to order there are other retailers with online purchasing that will have the product on their sites soon. They'll get their product later this week when I make a delivery trip to NYC. These stores are (in alphabetic order): Astor Wine and Spirits, Chambers Street Wine and Spirits, and Heights Chateau. They may be a little more expensive, but NYC has a bit higher overhead than other places. Hotel Delmano will carry it at their bar (so if you don't see it there, ask for it). I also want to mention my good friend Sally Blakemore who designed the label which I think is a great label. And I believe it was Mrs. Kirk that took the picture of us on the back. There's about 10 gallons left to be bottled, but that won't happen until the other stores are low. Then the remaining 50 bottles or so will be allocated to those stores that want it. Thanks for the support and thanks to the guys for coming out and making a bit of American absinthe history.
  6. Me too Bill. Thanks to Artemis and and Miguel for bringing folks up to date. I'm not very good at that. Mostly it's through Facebook because it's easy, and I not longer have reasonable software for updating my website. Anyway a group of us are getting together to bottle up about half of what's in the barrel. I guess too that will depend on how much Absomphe orders. I think it turned out pretty good. Hope y'all like it. ps. I don't know if an admin person could kindly remove the words "in the works" as the secondary title to this thread. I never thought it would be THE thread related to what I do. Thanks if it's possible, and if not, that's ok too.
  7. What?!? No Comments! At the very least I should present myself and attempt to fill the void!

  8. I received a complementary bottle from Boggy of this absinthe. I tried it last night. I don't post reviews or make comments based on the person or simply give false praise. My initial impressions that I sent to Boggy and he has permitted me to quote from that private communication are this: I know many people here continue to order from EU and if a bottle ends up in your cart, without knowing another's palate, I think people will like this absinthe. Boggy is not the demon that some make him out to be, just as Gwydion is not the demon that certain others made him out to be. I haven't met either in person, but I feel quite confident in my assessment.
  9. Totally! We're all just so rich! I just love my open top jeep in the winter, the invigorating subzero windchills really toughens one up!
  10. I used to think that too. Making whiskey on an industrial scale in a large column still can get good results as many will attest from the many fine offerings from the KY distilleries. There are some good values out there in bourbon. Making whiskey in a small pot still takes a lot of work and ingredients. A lot of what I do is similar to whiskey production methods going back to 1820, maybe earlier. Of course, I don't attempt actual historical recreations, but some of the basic principles remained unchanged until Prohibition even though pot still whiskey production wasn't done so much after the introduction of the column still in the 1870's. I can't fault the retailer, and I have no control over their price. I can only set the wholesale price in NY. The Catskill Cellars price seems comparable to the other retailers, actually a little cheaper. Compared to other NY craft whiskies available, the price for Delaware Phoenix is a bit less. Not like KY bourbon, and it can't be done to the scale at which I work. Currently I mash by hand using a mash rake. Six individual ferments to the spirit run. Brian, you don't have to age my Rye Dog in a barrel as I already am saving you the trouble and doing that for you. Yes, Bill, you got that right. Wolfie is in a better place now. But Sappho is still around (though she's 13 now). Yes bksmithey, I grind the grain on a stone burr mill (motorized), I do all the mashing myself, in 30 gallon batches. Each one is fermented separately, distilled individually to get enough for the spirit run. That's the fun day. The rye is organic, but the rye malt isn't (doesn't seem to be commercially available). As far as pricing of absinthe vs other spirits, some of that has to do with herbs but also since it's often sold near distillation proof. So no chance to add a bunch of water to double the result. Vodka and gin are 60% water. So when you distill to 95%, you can see how much more product you get by just adding water. With absinthe the customer gets to add the water. As far as oxidation goes, I know some people like John Hansell (Malt Adovcate) say to drink up quick once a bottle gets 1/4 full. But that's with aged whiskey where all the oxidation products have already happened. I think new make whiskey does change with time, but I don't think it's so bad. So far that's not my experience. There are changes but nothing that makes the drink worse. I personally don't favor oak chips as I think it adds too many tannins and it doesn't really replicate the natural whiskey breathing that happens when whiskey is in a barrel in a condition of temperature fluctuations. But that's me. Thanks to everyone for their support, and here's to coming spring!
  11. I personally consider Boggy a friend (as much as you can be with someone simply through online interaction). I've never noticed anything racist in him. Perhaps not as politically correct maybe in his phraseology for American tastes. And even if he isn't as knowledgeable as others want him to be, or imagine, well there isn't a lot anyone else can do about that. And when the perceived "racist" comments appear on other internet sites, I guess this means that people should moderate their internet behavior if they want to be part of WS? Hm. Something to think about I suppose. If you want to hate others for being different than you, for speaking different than you, for having opinions and views different than you, you can do that. But I don't think it reflects well on the WS or it's supposed principles of openness. Sorry for the interruption of the piling on of the invective.
  12. Sweet! The thread that will never be allowed to die.
  13. Boggy, not many of us are as well versed in Polish or even Old Polish as you. so translations would be welcome. But it looks like they were a bunch of wormwood heads back then. You can correct me if I'm wrong, which is quite possible.