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  1. add to the list, a favorite of mine Circus Contraption's "Drunkard's Dream" Once experienced - NEVER forgotten http://cdbaby.com/cd/circuscontraption3 a real toe tapper first verse third line "Ain't got nothin' to Louche.." http://www.circuscontraption.com/
  2. Welcome! do try the Duplais though it will make you appreciate the higher-end, the Amer might make a good "house-absinthe" cost and quality-wise. enjoy, Joseph laf
  3. bifford

    Good stuff

    I'm working on a Mandrake root, coca/tobacco Leaf, banana peel blend in a really kool bottle. The Test Animals seem to love it after a couple of bottles
  4. Please NO - Say it ain't so Open it AND let it age? once opened, my Shoulder Devil is taunting "...jest one little sip won't hurt" Cruel!
  5. Welcome - You'll like the Duplais!
  6. The Specter is actually Nit-Picking “..the heartbreak of psoriasis…”
  7. I am NOT the one whos says: "Trizzle Trazzle Trozzle Trome - Time for This One to Come Home" that was Mister Wizzard I think his name was "Tutor Turtle" - I'll Google it
  8. From our friends at Liqueurs de France “Blanche Traditionelle "Brut d'alambic" 'Essai 2' It has also been bottled without any water reduction as a full 81.3% alcohol distillate, though we have had several requests to reduce it to 60% before bottling.” So my question, oh Wise Ones, is - Does H20 not have the same loucheing effect at this point as in my glass? How is water added without releasing all the yummy oils?? Or Is this one of those thing “where I’d have to be killed if you told me” like Pepsi, NyQuil, and Col. Chicken’s 11 herbs & Spices?? laf
  9. "..I'm not bright about doing things - but if you just bend the nail down in the back...." the Scarecrow nope attachments still not working - maybe I've got the format wrong