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  1. You have to pass me before you get to Cape May.
  2. If you feel like coming down the shore for some curly fries, Sam's Pizza and ride on the ferris wheel on Morey's pier all this should make your delivery a blast. But if you cant make it thank you anyway someone has contacted me about a bottle. Your Friend, Bladeswitch
  3. Thanks fellows but Internet wines and spirits will not ship to New Jersey and google only gives me the history and definitions. HELP! Bladeswitch
  4. Hi everyone! Looking to buy a bottle of Herbsaint for one of my recipes. I live in New Jersey and it is not available here. Can someone help me? Your Friend in need, Bladeswitch
  5. I've found that it compliments fish in lovely ways.
  6. The best advice I can give is treat absinthe in cooking the same as you treat wine and cooking, only cook with wine or absinthe that you would drink on a regular basis. A specific tip is that heavy cream and absinthe were a match made in heaven. Bladeswitch
  7. Its Blade Switch, reverse these words and you know my hobby. Oysters do rock with absinthe but my Shrimp Pernod is killer!
  8. Wonderful recipes I have them but thank you! I'm planning to make an absinthe granita (Water ice) for summer. The recipe is coming along nicely. Bladeswitch P.S. Brooks If you would like to know more about the granita please contact me personally, I don't like to put original recipes up on forums.
  9. I found that the amount of absinthe in that particular recipe is actually perfect. The reason why is the use of dairy particularly butter, when butter is added to any ingredient that is anise based the flavor structure changes to something different all its own. I highly recommend the original recipe! Now the original recipe that I have researched states that "Antoine" used the Pernod brand of absinthe I would concur and please don't use any czech absinthe no oyster deserve that horrible a death. Bladeswitch *Note flavor structure is not a scientific term it is my own palates observation.
  10. I just edited my introductory post sorry I forget to use my basic writing skills when I become excited about a subject.
  11. Thank you for the link to the recipes! The Oyster recipe on that link was the first one I found and started me on my way to a incurable obsession with the "Green Fairy". Thanks everyone again for the warm welcome! Bladeswitch
  12. Well I've actually taken a year off to write and publish my cookbook then I plan to open a small fine dining restaurant in the my little home town that I just recently moved back to. So good to Be home! Your Friend, Bladeswitch
  13. I am a professional Chef who loves culinary history, well when I discovered absinthe 6 years ago when doing reasearch on Oyster's Rockefeller I was hell bent on trying an ingredient that was out of my reach. Well I have tasted very few and would like to learn more about this mystical aperitif. Thanks in advance! Bladeswitch