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  1. I had whole birds when I was in Japan. We were at a cherry blossom viewing and what appeared to be random birds were killed and cooked on a charcoal brazier with a sweet BBQ sauce. I chowed down, beak and all.....
  2. NO NO NO..... Mayonnaise is the food nobody in their right mind would ever think to order.... I think it depends on where you are in PA. You go past 25 miles northwest of Philadelphia, I have a tendency to agree with you.
  3. I may need to do a Philly variation on this with some Serpis and Franks Black Cherry Wishniak...
  4. French wines... Only we can ferment grapes to produce the essence of rock in a bottle. (Alyssa will get this one)
  5. I was very disappointed in the Rogue Santa Private Reserve. I think that if you tapped a pine tree, you might get something that tasted similar to that beer...
  6. I don't think it would work because pipe tobacco lacks the moisture that shisha has. You would probably end up with smoldering pipe tobacco and a very harsh draw.
  7. And another Because I am still laughing...
  8. And you have delusions of spelling! HA!!
  9. Happy Birthday old man!! We will celebrate in proper style when I make it down there over the holidays. Everyone must congratulate Shabba on entering his 3rd decade of life... That's one year for every unanswered whuppin I've given you on the racquetball court...
  10. Ribbed for her pleasure? Yeah, I guess so.
  11. AND?!?!?!? What's wrong with gnarled and twisted sausage fingers?????? Convex side up and against the glass. And it is called a smoothie!! (at least, according to my woodchuck pint glass) I recently had a Guinness mixed with Lindemans Framboise. That is one mighty tasty drink!!
  12. I thought vodka martini's were the nectar of the gods?