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  1. I had whole birds when I was in Japan. We were at a cherry blossom viewing and what appeared to be random birds were killed and cooked on a charcoal brazier with a sweet BBQ sauce. I chowed down, beak and all.....
  2. NO NO NO..... Mayonnaise is the food nobody in their right mind would ever think to order.... I think it depends on where you are in PA. You go past 25 miles northwest of Philadelphia, I have a tendency to agree with you.
  3. I may need to do a Philly variation on this with some Serpis and Franks Black Cherry Wishniak...
  4. French wines... Only we can ferment grapes to produce the essence of rock in a bottle. (Alyssa will get this one)
  5. I was very disappointed in the Rogue Santa Private Reserve. I think that if you tapped a pine tree, you might get something that tasted similar to that beer...
  6. I don't think it would work because pipe tobacco lacks the moisture that shisha has. You would probably end up with smoldering pipe tobacco and a very harsh draw.