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  1. I believe variety is the spice of life and mood has a lot to do with what I find I prefer on any given day. Some days, I feel like an FG when I come home from work. Or I'll take a Jade when I'm sitting to read (Edouard is my fave). And then there are times when I just feel like having a glass of Montemartre. I can't say that one is my favorite, or one is better than the other, because if I drink one that I'm not in the mood for, it will certainly be the worst. I go through the same things with single-malts and cigars. Sometimes I feel like something heavy and complex and I'll smoke a Monte #2 (Cuban, please) - other times, when something light and simple will do, I'll reach for a Speyside.
  2. I'll let it sit a while longer. It's probably been about six to eight weeks since I've touched it.
  3. Re: Ike's similarities to BDF and VDF: I'd like to know what that flavor is as well. I find it very pronounced and off-putting (frankly, it almost gags me) in BDF, less annoying in VDF and quite well-balanced by the other elements in Ike.
  4. None taken. Since the publication of "On the Road" few have been neutral about Kerouac. While the Beats have left a tremendous legacy, in all candor, it is still too soon to assess the longevity of its impact. IMHO, only after "a thing" (person, movement, historical event) has passed from living memory can an objective impact of its contribution be made.
  5. not likely, (frankly, i'd prefer desolation peak and mt. hozomeen - desolation angels is my favorite of jack's books) the itinerary - '86 - '92 - adelphi, md '92 - '95 - portland, or '95 - '98 - laurel, md '98 - 2000 - toronto, ontario, CA '00 - '02 - laurel, md '02 - date - mn
  6. Been re-located for work about every three or four years since 1986.
  7. How important is a working knowledge of French to enjoying the event? This year is out, but have floated the idea of next year at home and it has been met with a degree of interest. Need to know how much I have to know to enjoy everything, so if anyone can give some insight, it would be much appreciated.
  8. Better watch out about how we talk about old Boone's Farm or we'll have the American Association for the Advancement of Screw Top Wines dropping a cease and desist letter on Hiram...
  9. FG worked just fine. Further sampling is warranted but am in full agreement with TrainerAZ that this will not replace the traditional method of preparation and I will remain a water method man.
  10. Tried DITA with Jade SV and a split of cheap Asti (Martini and Rossi) we had around the house. I'd never tasted the "Jade funk" before but that could be the only description for the musty, earthy taste that was right on top - beneath it, though, was a wonderful mingling of flavors. Makes me wonder what it would be like with something a little more "top shelf" on the bubbly side and a different absinthe. Think I'll try it with something a little plainer like FG the next time around and report back. Only had one, not because it was too strong but just did not have enough time. Did not, however, feel as though I had consumed a "high octane" beverage. I found it veddy tasty but to provide context, have a sweet tooth.
  11. Anyone read "Judgement of Paris" by Ross King? It's a fantastic history of the emergence of the Impressionist movement. Although not strictly about absinthe, it is a marvelous snapshot of Paris and many of its most famous inhabitants on the eve of the Belle Epoche. Well worth the read!
  12. As soon as the US follows Canada by legalizing gay marriage and marijuana, it should all fall into place. I am not holding my breath. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Don't forget normalizing relations with Cuba and allowing importation of Habanos...
  13. really some nice work - decisions decisions - more absinthe or absinthe accessories?