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    South Riding, VA
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    Travel, reading, writing, drawing, poetry, and playing/coaching/reffing rugby. Also enjoy collecting rare books, cigars, and liquors, including absinthe.

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  1. Brian Robinson

    Absinthe Marteau and Gnostalgic Distillery

    I'd be happy to trade for a sample of something just so I can compare it to the bottles I have. PM me if you want to do so.
  2. Brian Robinson

    What It Do

  3. Brian Robinson

    Been a while

    Hola peeps. I've ducked in to read up every once in a while, or post a review link, but I've been mainly sticking to managing the WS social media stuff recently. In other news, I'm working on trying to get the main page redesigned and looking pretty again, as well as high hopes that we'll get a review app sometime next year, so people can both read and submit reviews directly from their phones. I'll try to stop back and interject as necessary more often.
  4. Brian Robinson

    Hello from Absinthe NYC

    Welcome Hector! Looking forward to seeing you on the 11th at your education event in NYC!
  6. Brian Robinson

    Justifiée & Ancienne - New Zufanek Absinthe

    You won't be disappointed.
  7. Brian Robinson

    Neuzeller Venus

  8. Brian Robinson

    Neuzeller Venus

    Is my review not visible to anyone?
  9. Brian Robinson

    Neuzeller Venus

    That's because it IS rose flavored.
  10. Brian Robinson

    Doc Herson's Green Absinthe

    It's really irritating to see distillers still trying for this 'anise free' style. It's not like there's a dearth of information on the topic of traditional absinthe anymore.
  11. Brian Robinson

    Neuzeller Venus

  12. Brian Robinson

    Absinthia Rubra, Tangerine base???

    REVIEW PAGE ADDED While it tastes good, I had to add it to the 'faux absinthe' category because it unfortunately doesn't resemble absinthe in any way. I did very much enjoy the flavors, and as a compliment to an Aperol Spritzer.
  13. Brian Robinson

    Vivide absinthe verte

    Very nice stuff! The best that's come out of Germany for sure.
  14. Brian Robinson

    Justifiée & Ancienne - New Zufanek Absinthe

    Posted my formal review. Delicious stuff!