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  1. Hey all. Been a spell! As you probably know, I spend most of my time managing the other platforms for the WS (Reviews, FB, IG, Reddit, Twitter, and TT), so I haven't had much time to spend here in the forums. That said, I hope to be able to come in once or twice a week from now on just to stay current. Now, for the updates and news: 1) You might have noticed the forums and site were down for about 6 weeks. This happened during the ownership transition. Yes, you read that right. Ownership transition. As of about 6 weeks ago, I completed the purchase of the Wormwood Society from our founder, Gwydion Stone. We all felt this was a smart move for multiple reasons. Gwydion simply didn't have the time or interest to keep it up I didn't have much more time than G, but my interest is there, as is the capital to have others help keep it up to date with fresh content and redesigns Since G was affiliated with a brand, having me purchase the site and having Gwydion step back from operations will lend the site even more credibility as a source of unbiased information without conflict of interest. We will continue to maintain an advisory board made up of a diverse set of people from all walks of life. Gwydion will continue to be referred to as our Founder, but will not have any active association with the society other than that of a general member. With everything that has happened in the absinthe community over the past year, I felt it even more important for the WS to be at the forefront of the industry evolution. We've now got a chance to stay relevant as well as help drive policy and get out in front of potential new consumers. 2) Part of the problem with the transfer was the redesign we were planning. Something got mucked up in the process of transferring some data. That seems to have been fixed. However, we will see some MAJOR changes to the layout of the main site in the next couple of weeks. We'll still have the forum. We'll still have brand reviews. But we want more. And we want it more easily accessible. So we're doing a complete overhaul of the main site and updating all of the joomla and IPB software and licenses. We're also going to be adding areas to review books about absinthe, restaurants, retailers, movies, etc. We're also going to be holding some contests over the next few months to drive reviews and site visits/links/mentions, etc. These contests will involve photo submissions (to help build out the cocktail section), reviews (they shouldn't all just be me!), and much more. Prizes will include things like rare or unique bottles, cocktail books, vintage samples, etc etc. Be on the lookout for that info on the main page soon. And if you haven't yet, please like and subscribe to all of our social media profiles to help grow our presence on the web. Cheers!
  2. For more developments, follow Absinthe Originals’ FB group.
  3. Just posted by our friend, Cary Rene Bonnecaze. More info to come... —————- Many of us in the absinthe community know, or are familiar with, Simon Broadley-Pedersen from London, England. Throughout the years he has been well liked, thought of as knowledgeable in the field of absinthe and a trusted friend to many of us. But until recently, what none of us knew, is that Simon is also a fraud. Simon has been selling to many of us fake pre-ban (before 1915) samples and bottles of absinthe for years. He buys empty pre-ban bottles, often on eBay, fills them with something other than its original contents, redresses them as originals and sells them as authentic pre-ban absinthe bottles. And in the case of samples, blends a combination of modern and Tarragona-era Pernod Fils, then adds certain essences that can change its flavor so the taste mimics that of an antique absinthe. For those of you who are not aware, a sample of pre-ban absinthe can cost hundreds of euros per 50ML, while a vintage bottle can easily reach into the thousands of euros. Many of us who have purchased from Simon never had a reason to doubt the authenticity of his absinthes. He sold himself well. With the help of well-known and respected absinthe collectors, sellers and makers from France and the U.S., over time we have compiled overwhelming evidences of his intentional deception. We recently confronted him, and he was given a number of days to respond with a solution - to right his wrong, by repaying victims of his scams, or this private matter would go public. He chose not to respond and to delete his Facebook account. Simon took advantage of friendships and did so while committing fraud. While what Simon has done is unforgivable and illegal, please do not hold others in our community in the same light. We have truly reputable and professional sellers, which should never be confused with likes of Simon. We all are here out of our fondness and love of absinthe. This is why we come to these groups and forums, to share and to learn, as friends. Hopefully we can use this moving forward as a way to bring us all closer together. Santé ! Attached are examples of Simon’s handiwork as proof, and we have much more. Beaucoup d’entre nous dans la communauté de l’absinthe connaissent, ou sont familiers, avec Simon Broadley-Pedersen de Londres, en Angleterre. Tout au long des années, il a été très apprécié et vu comme quelqu'un de compétent dans le domaine de l’absinthe, mais il a été aussi un ami de confiance pour beaucoup d’entre nous. Mais jusqu’à récemment, ce qu’aucun d’entre nous ne savait, c’est que Simon est aussi un escroc. Simon a vendu à beaucoup d’entre nous des échantillons et des bouteilles d’absinthe d'avant 1915 contrefaits, et ce pendant des années. Il achète des bouteilles vides de marques d'antan, souvent sur eBay, les remplit avec autre chose que son contenu original, les refaçonne pour qu'elles paraissent d'origine, et les vend comme authentiques bouteilles d’absinthe d'avant 1915. Et dans le cas des échantillons, il mélange de l'absinthe moderne avec de la Pernod Fils époque Tarragone, puis ajoute certaines essences afin de changer le goût, de sorte qu'il imite celui d’une absinthe d'époque. Pour ceux d’entre vous qui ne sont pas au courant, un échantillon de 50ml d’absinthe d'avant 1915 peut coûter des centaines d’euros, alors qu’une bouteille d'époque peut facilement atteindre les milliers d’euros. Ceux d’entre nous qui ont acheté ces produits à Simon n’ont jamais eu de raison de douter de l’authenticité de ses absinthes. Il connaissait bien son affaire. Avec l’aide de collectionneurs bien connus et respectés, vendeurs et distillateurs de France et des États-Unis, nous avons amassé au fil du temps des preuves accablantes de cette escroquerie intentionnelle. Nous l'avons récemment confronté à nos preuves, et il avait un certain nombre de jours pour nous répondre avec une solution claire pour corriger ses méfaits et rembourser les victimes de ses escroqueries. Sans réponse de sa part, il était prévenu que cette affaire serait rendue publique. Il a choisi de ne pas répondre et de supprimer son compte Facebook. Simon a profité de notre amitié pour commettre ses méfaits. Bien que ce que Simon a fait est impardonnable et illégal, merci de ne pas mettre tout le monde de notre communauté dans le même chapeau. Nous avons des vendeurs vraiment réputés et professionnels, qui ne doivent jamais être confondus avec des gens comme Simon. Nous sommes tous ici pour notre passion et notre amour de l’absinthe. C’est ce pourquoi nous venons dans ces groupes et forums, afin de partager et d'apprendre, en tant qu’amis. J’espère que ce pas en avant nous permettra de tous nous rapprocher plus encore. Santé! Ci-joint des exemples des œuvres de Simon en tant que preuves, et nous en avons beaucoup plus.
  4. I'd be happy to trade for a sample of something just so I can compare it to the bottles I have. PM me if you want to do so.
  5. Hola peeps. I've ducked in to read up every once in a while, or post a review link, but I've been mainly sticking to managing the WS social media stuff recently. In other news, I'm working on trying to get the main page redesigned and looking pretty again, as well as high hopes that we'll get a review app sometime next year, so people can both read and submit reviews directly from their phones. I'll try to stop back and interject as necessary more often.
  6. Welcome Hector! Looking forward to seeing you on the 11th at your education event in NYC!
  7. It's really irritating to see distillers still trying for this 'anise free' style. It's not like there's a dearth of information on the topic of traditional absinthe anymore.