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  1. Well, that is just really darned nice. Thanks, for saying so, Martin, and thanks to all for the well-wishes. I'm indebted to Brooks for letting me know I should check in.
  2. I'll be seeing you in all the unfamiliar places.
  3. Oh, I'd be delighted to stay, Thomas, thank you. I should warn you that I have a rather uninhibited laugh that's drawn a glare or two for its heartiness. If I stay I have no doubt you'll be hearing it frequently. And don't worry, I'll bring the turpentine.
  4. Peeps

    Hey, Oz:

    The wiz made himself some lackeys! Maybe he will be able to frolic more now. All intelligent things need play.
  5. Hooray! Thanks, Mrs. Hiram and Zman.
  6. Peeps

    Hey, Oz:

    Dang, you are efficient, esse! The whole fleet of lackeys I occupy doesn't do as much tidying up, despite many hours spent lollygagging, collectively. Often, I've noticed, when folks are scarcer, it's a sign of things getting really good where it matters most. I hope that's the case and that you're getting close to making up some of that lost honey-time.
  7. Thomas and alan, you are both cracking me up. Sadly, the newfangled board functions are not all compatible with my archaic browser. So, :hilarity: .
  8. Aw, Thomas. We left the place clean. Don't be sore. After all, we are, all of us, squatters in Hiram's flat.
  9. Peeps

    Hey, Oz:

    You know what I miss? I miss the times when you used to not have to squander your wit and free time sorting through junk just to move a pile of it from here to there and fiddling with whatever dials and knobs you've got behind that curtain. I'm not complaining. It's your city. I'm just wistful for the good ol' days when you were an upstart and had the leisure to misappropriate a few hours kickin' back a cool, cloudy one with the witches.
  10. Coffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffeecoffee -- YEAH!
  11. Don't worry, dear heart, you haven't lost your mystique.
  12. You get that, Green One? I see you looking. I am puzzled.
  13. Oh! Nothing should be taken less seriously than self-seriousness!
  14. Dear Peeps. Sorry to see you go... ...I honestly can't see what you, unlike ME, could be ashamed of at all, or what you have to apologize to me for... I was just jesting back at you, fun poker. Please promise you won't take me seriously again?
  15. One man's hobby is a another's bread and butter.
  16. Ah, so when I unleash the hounds, we'll all be hunky-dory. I'm OK with that.
  17. No, no, no. I'll bow out. It's Thomas's thread. You boys go ahead. I'm sure you'll find a replacement. It's for the best. Anyone with an aversion to ever-so-slight bitchiness had best avoid my boudoir altogether. Still, this is not my boudoir. I should be ashamed of myself -- for many reasons really, but I'll apologize to Thomas for this just one and keep it brief. I mean this with just as much sincerity as Thomas showed in revealing his offense.
  18. Next you'll be blaming him for the hair on your palms.
  19. On second read, my post looked ever so slightly bitchy to me, Thomas. I'm glad you didn't read it that way. I know what you're talking about. It was probably like leaving a locker room for a tea party, with the sound of snapping towels still ringing in your ears. It's good of you to take people's reactions to heart.
  20. I was afraid this was true. All this time I have been trying to make something of myself. I am clearly nothing more than Docktail's puppet.