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  1. Many thanks and yeah it fell into a vat of homebrew a few years back... you should see what happened to the cat!
  2. I'll be honest i've tried 2 and I have no clue of their names, my first experience was with one Gray dubbed Crapsinthe and she gave me a mouthful of it undiluted. I actually quite enjoyed the flavour much to her horror *grin*. She immediately hid the bottle and told me to go sit by the brazier while she got the good stuff, I believe it was an Edouard. So she painstakingly poured it out, hooked me up with a sugar cube and fresh water and waited expectantly for me to try it... I think part of her died that day when I said I preferred the other one. On the upside I did discover that half a glass of diluted Edouard and a brazier = massive blue flamed explosion and very surprised looking Graywolf with a tan. I wonder if thats what they meant by flaming shot *grin* As for corsets, I agree that on the female form they look stunning but on the male form... Well lets just say that she's still trying but she will not succeed as long as I still draw breath! Gareth
  3. I'll bite my tongue at this stage I think *grin* Thanks for the welcome.
  4. These are not the posts you're looking for *waves hand spookily* :D
  5. Anything for a quiet life ...+
  6. Look on the bright side Six, I culd have been speakin' Norn' Iron as she shuld be spoke. So be thankful!
  7. Sooo umm... what do you guys do here for entertainment? Other than tease Brooks that is.
  8. Hey guys and girls, I'm Gareth from Northern Ireland and I was introduced to the evil green stuff and indeed this forum by your very own GrayWolf. I travel a lot, mostly back and forth to the Netherlands and I run my own business dealing with toys, games and other such geekery. I am only a beginner in the world of absinthe al-tho with a bit of luck i'll be able to steal the odd glass from Gray when shes not looking, as i've been unable to find a distributor over here as of yet. Looking forward to chatting to all of you and hopefully see you around. Gareth