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  1. Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen- Down to Seeds and Stems Again Blues :(
  2. Elfenmagic-- The Beechwood imparts no flavor to the beer at AB. It is used as a place for the yeast to floculate to. In fact, the wood is boiled in caustic soda before it is used. This helps expand the surface area for yeast to cling to as well as removing any flavor the wood could impart. The "Chip Tanks" are HUGE stainless steel vessels and Beechwood chips are placed on the bottom before the beer is aged on them. HUGE refers to bigger than a liquid rail car. Budweiser is a good pilsner style beer in the chip tanks. It then has over 20% water added to it. King Of Beers? Well, it can be seen as gold in color.
  3. Peridot-- You can get the proof higher but it absorbs water on exposure to the atmosphere.
  4. I would think that in some states you'd run into tax payment issues. That doesn't mean that the barkeep won't let you do it. Just that he isn't supposed to.
  5. Alright--were having Cabrito for dinner!
  6. Why ruin perfectly good coffee with cream and sugar?
  7. There used to be a video game called Gorgon.
  8. Well, I went to their website and I was wrong. No mention of chicory.
  9. If you can find it, Seaport Coffee, is another brand with chicory in it.
  10. MT Grayling-- I will try locaring some T-corks like you're looking for. As for lubricating corks, Glycerine is less likely than oil to introduce off flavors. I sell glycerine as a finishing formula for liquers and wine. cheers--Ken
  11. Retail can be hell at the holidays! Sorry I'm so late wishing EVERYONE here Seasoned Greetings and a Great New Year!
  12. Halleluja brother Hiram. Thanks for taking the time to TRY and teach him somethin'! The reason guys like this think the Czech stuff is so great is because they see sooo many adverts for it in High Times magazine.
  13. Hey Sandpeddler-- sorry to hear about the unintended sparkle. If that happens in the future, refrigeration helps lower the pressure in the bottles a little bit. A hydro reading is a pretty sure method to prevent explosions. Stabilizing with sorbate or benzoate is not a bad idea on sweet meads. A little bit of everclear or brandy will also kill off any live yeast. You know you're a homebrewer when you finish mopping the ceiling!
  14. Gaviston gots a liddle o-dat too.
  15. When I was a kid the state of Texas didn't have liquor by the drink. My dad had a briefcase which held two bottles and glasses, and a cocktail shaker. When we went out to eat, the waiter would bring a mixer and Dad would mix himself and Mom a drink. This has nothing to do with absinthe. This question just brought up these memories. Now back to your regularly scheduled forum.