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  1. I actually found a pair of black plastic 3-D glasses for $3 on Venice Beach. I had to buy them. Those cardboard ones are so uncomfortable. And, yeah, they do give me a headache, but how often do we watch a 3-D movie?
  2. I love my 3-D glasses. They make me walk crooked.
  3. Hmmm...you hallucinate Peter Max while drinking absinthe? After 3 drinks? You're a cheap drunk! ;D
  4. OMG, Bill! I've never seen a manatee chameleon! ;D The kid's official name is going to be Vinnie "The Karma" Van Gogh. The Karma will be mobbed up and breaking kneecaps.
  5. Actually, it is as much a myth that true chameleons change the colors as the myth that Absinthe will make you hallucinate. However....if you look at a chameleon while drinking absinthe, he may get pissed off and change colors. Yet you will not know if it's the chameleon or the absinthe that is ticking the chameleon off, but I would NOT recommend giving absinthe to a chameleon. I really don't know, but it's like one of those "hunches", yanno? Bad karma karma karma karma karma chameleon. It comes and goes.... 2X Duct tape 4X Handcuffs Gerber tactical knife Surgical blades Gerber "skinner" knife Totalprotect mace Gemini pepperspray Defence tazer 8X Duracell 12V batteries HK MP5K-A3 9mm Remington 110 12-gauge Beretta 92F 9mm HK G3 Assault 7.62mm 6X Remington 9mm 100s 4X Winchester 12g 100s 8X Assault 7.62 superpack Just kidding. WOW! Your Santa sounds like Saddam Hussein... GO FOR IT!!!!
  6. Stroller, you're too sweet. As always...
  7. HAHAHA!! Good one! Also LOVE Karma Van Gogh! The rest of you suck.
  8. A rainbow. But is there an afterlife for chameleons. Their brains are very small and reptiles are barely aware of their own existence. (This is fact) He breathes, therefore he is? Knock, knock!
  9. Freaks, all of you! This is what he'll look like at 1 y/o. Definitely a Vinnie, more than as a baby:
  10. Something to give that Hi-Pro glow?
  11. I like Larry and Vinnie. I wonder if they shit rainbows....
  12. Y'all are some really fick sucks!
  13. Just cuz you're about to "Splode" Fred doesn't make it a good idea for chameleons. Everyone imagining Van Gogh exploding...what are you people drinking?
  14. Wow... Discussing the metaphysical side of impossibilities...