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  1. Markus's flying monkey was just here and now it is like christmas again. Hehehe. Jade NO and some of Lion's own prototype 27. The 27 is a reworking of the 23, that unfortunately, I was not able to sample. My question is this, should I let the prototype age awhile (distilled April 12) before sampling or sample now and later? Thanks for your feedback.
  2. I have accepted Werewolf7's kind offer of a sample of Mandrake. My curiosity will soon be fulfilled. Thanks again Werewolf7.
  3. My favorite glass. I don't know why? Just is.
  4. Black absinthe 80 (Black Tunel). My friend brought it over. OMG that was some evil s**t.
  5. My favorite is " the highest thujone level available" which seems to be every czech product made hehe.
  6. I am not looking at absinthe or mandrake as a drug. I like trying new things and mandrake would sure be new to me.
  7. Ferndale Wa. About 95 miles north of Seattle
  8. Just curious if anyone here has any experience with mandrake liquor. Considering giving it a try and looking for some feedback. Thanks Mike
  9. Greetings from the great NorthWest. My name is Mike and I am somewhat of a newbie in the world of absinthe. I have tried a couple of different bottles, all from Alandia. Strong 68... not to keen on that one and some La blanche which I enjoy quite a bit. Currently waiting on a bottle of Jade NO from Marcus Lion( impatiently I might add. I am looking forward to getting to know you all and maybe learn a thing or two from some of you veterans.