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  1. "Did you blend your clover honey with actual chokecherries or with chokecherry honey?" - Martin It's a blend of honey and chokecherries Martin. I just run the cherries thru a food processor and mix it in with warm honey. I don't recall the cherry/honey ratio off the top of my head but it seems that I blended up about 5 pounds of honey this way. I first tried chokecherry honey on a trip to Colorado and liked it enough to make my own.
  2. I am making a chokecherry mead. It is actually my own recipe derived from various others. The honey was from a blend I made last fall, clover honey mixed with chokecherries. Very yummy. My start S.G. was around 1.095, shooting for a finish S.G. around 1.018.
  3. I am making my first batch of mead, 10 days in the primary and everything looks good. During my research of mead making I noticed there seem to be two thoughts on transferring to secondary. One says after 7 - 10 days transfer, the other thought is 2 - 3 weeks before transfer. Any opinions on this? I would be more than happy to send out some samples in exchange for a little feedback from you more experienced mead makers.
  4. Pontica...now I know. Is it just me or does this absinthe have a maple/honey aroma to it? It will be interesting to watch the evolution of this product.
  5. Great article Ari. Hats off to you sir.
  6. This is my favorite. Like OMG_Bill, I have about a half a bottle, sitting, waiting for July. I told myself only one drink and then let it age...well that didn't happen . I am not one to give a formal review but there is a flavor in here that I have not tasted in any other absinthe and it is very yummy.
  7. When I was but a wee lad (12 or 13) my buddy had a beer bottle blow on him, if I remember correctly it was a "Lone Star". He was not so lucky however, he lost his right eye in the accident. And this was a factory bottle. As rare as it is, it does happen.
  8. Happy B-Day neighbor. Here is to many more
  9. I have just added my first attempt at mead to my primary. I am using a recipe that calls for chokecherry and clover honey. Red Star champagne yeast is being used and will ferment at right around 62*F. Waiting makes me CRAZY but so be it . Quick question, are wine/beer recipes like food recipes in that they can be scaled down with simple division? Or are they more like jam/jelly where each recipe and ingredients are "tailored" to the recipe?