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  1. Tonight, sadly, I am drinking water. But, happy 1 million!
  2. I guess I was one of the lucky ones as I received 2 bottles. I guess it'll have to hold me over.
  3. Ldf sent me a notification about shipping to Canadia again, which is great for me. I got it today after it having to have it be sent again. However, I go back to the site to get something non-alcoholic and now I can't choose Canada to ship anything. What the heck is going on, does anyone know?
  4. I am actually enjoying a Sazerac. My first attempt. Not too bad. I added a touch of honey to my simple syrup. I used 12 year Canadian Club and Montmartre. We only have Angostura bitters, so it has that. It isn't too bad.
  5. Happy Birthday! It's been more than a year since the last time I was in Seattle and it would be nice to visit again. Hopefully, I get a chance to visit you guys.
  6. Thanks all! Sorry I have been somewhat absent, life has conspired to keep me busy. Totally keepin' it green in Canadia, Monkeycurious
  7. Happily I will be in the area in November, so I may be able get myself couple of bottles. I don't care for the name either but, at least it's a step forward.
  8. i r in ur brainz, trippin' ur ballz !!1!one These look very tasty, and all except the Black Rose I might actually be able to get the hooch for, if I can substitute that St. James for Havana Club. We seem to have other versions of Kirsch here or things name Kirsch. Is there anything that can be substituted?
  9. Having Cold Brewed my Coffee now for months, I realized that I don't know any cold coffee drinks, for which Cold Brewed Coffee would perfect. Post your favorite/favourite cold coffee drink and/or recipe, if you please. Thanks!