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  1. Those stills look pretty sweet. It's good to see something else than a Bavarian Arnold Holstein or Christian Carl still.
  2. Looks like a fountain you should keep. Why sell it?
  3. Oeps, ik ben alweer twee dagen te laat maar beter laat dan nooit, alsnog van harte gefeliciteerd! Ik hoop dat je het goed naar je zin hebt op je vakantie. Als je terug bent heb ik hier goed glas voor je klaarstaan!
  4. I thought some of you enjoy this wallpaper I just made. It's a close up from a bottle I bought on ebay for €14 a week ago. Have fun with it.
  5. They really should be using barrels made from Russian oak if they want to prevent any colour to end up in the final product.
  6. I have a funny feeling that I'll fit in nicely here. It's good to see some familiair faces too! For those who of you who aren't keeping track of the Dutch and the German forums: I'm working on a little project to recreate a Pernod Fils absinthe or at least one that has some similarities. Sofar I've tried 3 different recipes and I actually redistilled a blend of 2 of those recipes just to see what it would do. Sixela has helped me out to determine how much of the basic ingredients should be used. The results have been very promising and thanks to some suggestions from Eric I've managed to get a very pretty colour. Sofar the number 2 recipe, dubbed X2 has resulted in very nice absinthe and a new recipe, the X5 will be based on that one. Right now the wormwood of the 2005 harvest is the only reason why I'm just content with the results. On Friday I'll also have a chat with an investor and someone who's interesed in helping me out with my plan to put Absinthe back on the map down here in the Netherlands. I'll keep you informed.
  7. Hello everybody. Let me intoroduce myself. My name is Barski, I know that name sounds East European but I'm actually Dutch. It's a nickname a buddy of mine came up with many years ago and it sort of stuck to me. Some of you might know me a little because I've written a few scattered posts at the feeverte forum. When you google my name with the word absinthe added you will find out I've been writing on other forums (Dutch and German) aswell. Not if that's interesting but just to show I'm no newbee. Anyway, forgive the usual typos, I do remain unquestionalbly Dutch allthough I'm not from Holland (that's just the part of the country where we stuck all the people who want to live in Amsterdam). ;-) Anyway, I've been an absinthe enthusiast for 2,5 years now and I particularly like Swiss Blanches, the Martin being my favorite. Have bought Absinthe over the internet from the beginning but I decided last year that this small country could use it's own brand of distilled absinthe. Therefore I now own a small firm that exists mostly on paper but I've got my hands on some very interesting recipes that I would like to bring to life. I'm currently searching for a distller to work with. Unfortunatly we have very few distilleries left in this country. Only a handfull of them have suitable stills but at 450 liters those are too big for experimenting with (also some of those still haven't been used for ages). So last year I worked with a distillery in Nijmegen who was interested in making an absinthe and we tried to create a "Dutch blanche". Unfotunatly, because they only had a reflux still at their disposal the result was unsatisfactory. I haven't given up on introducing my own "Dutch" absinthe and it's my hope that I'll be able to find a distiller who has suitable alambics or, if that doesn't happen, that I can start a small distillery myself. Till this very moment there's hardly any distilled absinthe for sale in the Netherlands an in the meantime this country is flooded with Czechsinthe. For now there's only Helfrich making a commercially available distilled absinthe and even he syas it's not easy. I realize I haven't told you much about myself. I work as a part-time librarian at a Dutch university to make a living and besides being very interested in absinthe I do have some other hobbies. Distilling is one of them and it's semi legal in this country (like growing weed). The word here would be "gedogen", look that up in a Dutch English dictionary. Anyway, my other hobbies are drawing, photography and restoring old Pentax cameras. Right now I'm designing labels for absinthe bottles trying to comebine the old with the new. Okay, I think I'll leave it at that. Nice to meet you all