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  1. Late to the party as usual, I picked up a bottle of this today and just now finished the first glass. I'd agree with most of what others have said, it's over colored, over louched, and under flavored. Too much alcohol heat and not enough weight to the taste. That said, it's an OK alternative to the other brands at this price point, in my case a hair over 60 bucks, just a few dollars above Lucid and the same as Vieux Carre. Next week I'm going to try another Michigan absinthe, Henry's Absent, so we'll see if that's an improvement for a few dollars more.
  2. OK, now that I've had nearly the entire bottle finished off, by the 4 of us, I want another bottle very soon. In fact, aside from one minor quibble, this may be my favorite Jade. I can't agree with the feeling that Terminus is like all the other Jades mixed together, although their shared DNA is readily apparent from the first sip. It has a brighter, almost springtime feel, although that may be my cabin fever talking. Oddly though, it's the only absinthe I've had that I feel needs sugar. That could be because, just for ceremonial purposes, our first glass around the table was with the whole package, i.e. spoons, fountain (such as it was), and lots of Satie and Chopin. After that first glass, no sugar, but by the 6th glass I was thinking I wanted sugar again. Odd. Otherwise, and really, with no reservations, highly recommended.
  3. Thanks Dan, those are some really good thoughts. At this point I've resigned myself to no fountain, I've got one of these, that I've been using for many years Which seems to work really well, albeit one glass at a time.
  4. I wonder what happens to absinthe in an absinthe frappe then? Does it louche?
  5. OK, after talking to my wife, I should probably specify, in the manner of beggars who are attempting to be choosers, that I'm looking for a glass fountain. And bauble, Cheers!
  6. That's a great article, gets me very excited for this weekend when we finally open the Terminus.
  7. Ah, those were the days. For the record, most absinthe seems to do both to me.
  8. Now, there's a left handed compliment, if ever I've heard one.Oh, get over it.
  9. I haven't had a bottle since it first came out, but this thread is making me thirsty for some. Wish it were available in Michigan.
  10. So, I'm having an absinthe-only party this coming friday, and it JUST dawned on me this morning that a fountain would be mighty darn useful. I've never really thought about buying one before now, since it's usually just me or me and my wife, etc. So, off to Amazon, eBay, blah blah, and not ONE can I buy that will get to me in time. Or at least, have a reasonable assurance of getting to the tundra up here by thursday afternoon. Does anyone here have one they'd sell me, lend me, or something like that? I suppose once I had one I'd find a use for it, but I really want to make my Jade Terminus night go smoothly for the 6 or so of us that will be here, and even a two spigot fountain is better than none I think. So, hoping for a WS miracle here! Thanks!
  11. I patiently await your review sir! Also, nooope, letting that bottle sit sealed on the shelf until the end of March. I've got it now, and that's what counts. I think we'll open it once the four of is are all here, with no small amount of ceremony of course. Then we'll let it sit and air out a bit, and let the louching begin after that.
  12. OK, well I went and ordered some, from alandia no less. Mainly because that's the only place that still had some in stock. We'll see what we taste when I get the bottle. Although, actually I'm going to have a little tasting party in late March, so maybe it sits sealed until that night?
  13. Which, said review of Brian's is where exactly? Can someone point me to it if indeed he did one? I've searched reviews, and come up blank.