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  1. Isis, Miles Davis, and Mussogorsky. Flying Dog's In-heat wheat.
  2. Lemon juice??? Explain if you would be so kind. I feel like such a sissy. I've drank rotgut moonshine in the hills of Tennessee, but even that liver burner didn't make my face screw up like this does. -j.
  3. Holy crap. Someone coined the term "schwagsinthe" on here and I have to tell you this Libertine 68 I picked up fits the term exactly. I was trying to figure out what the foul taste I was, well, tasting was, and it's just like burning up an L of stems and seeds from some crappy greens. I haven't smoked in years, but I remember that nasty taste, like swamp water, skunked beer, and mildew. Ga it's horrifying. Someone tell me how to alleviate my horrified taste buds. I do have the Clandestine, but I'm saving it, saving it for when my mouth has recuperated. Mind you I'm drinking it sans sugar. I've found I love the absinthe without the zucchero. This however is destroying me.... I do have the Zappa videos to console me. Thank you Mr. Zappa. Thank you. -j.
  4. Jumping back on board after being away for a few days. I just recieved my new order in this morning so I'm trying out a sample of the Kallnacher that was sent to me. I can't say I'm overly fond of it, it tastes dirty to me. For some reason it reminds me of the smell of a ginseng root. I'm not quite sure why that is. I happen to normally be fond of earthy smells and flavors but this isn't doing it for me. It also seems to die immediately on my tongue, so there isn't anything to balance out the dirty parts. I have some new music in the player from Cee-lo and Dangermouse called Gnarls Barkely. It has a nice mix of flavours. Anyone who likes Curtis Mayfield, P-funk and some nice hip=hop/drum and bass beats should check it out. I'm mixing it up with some Muddy Waters, Sizzla and Luciano too. -j.
  5. Time to order again. Down goes the last of the Lermercier into my gullet after a long day at work. Terrible habit I've started myself on. While out over the weekend in Brooklyn, my wife and I had a few martinis, and I found myself wanting to watch the whole process of the louche present itself in the drink (which martinis are unwilling to give). I think it's the hands on/visual quality that I find most intriguing. Anyway, I have a mix of Bjork's Medulla ( PATTON AND RAHZEL!!!), Between the Buried and Me, Mussorgorsky, Tom Waits, the Chieftains, the Pharcyde, Clutch, and John Coltrane running in the background. Music makes me happy. -j.
  6. Herbie Hancock- Headhunters. Weihenstephaner Hefe-weisen.
  7. We split about 4 cord (no cord for you :P ). Fun work on a beautiful day. Started early (about 6) and finished around noon. Going to let my sister's loser boyfriend try to redeem himself and have him help us stack it away later this week. Fat chance of that. So most likely we'll just stack a cord or two up in him and send him on his merry way. Dirtbag. Anyway, we sat around afterward and soaked up the day. Sadly that came to an end when I went to my 9 to 5 (really it's a 3 to midnight). Then I was in a pissed mood. Tired and irritable do not a kind and gracious Jesse make. Now however, I am feeling much better. Booze, music, and sketch book at hand. -j. ::grunt::AYINGER BRAU GOOD ::grunt::
  8. Sushi and a movie are a great combo. Although I am leery of Scary Movie 4. Hopefully the reason you are in need of a drink isn't due to the movie being so incredibly horrible that you could only laugh because of the choices that brought you into the theatre. For me this evening I am polishing off the last of the Amer 72 ( God I can't wait to try something else) and trying to get into the meat of a portrait I need to finish by Friday. I have to wake up early tomorrow and help my mother's husband split wood, or I'd just pull an all nighter. At this point though, I'm looking forward to the dead sleep of a nice night cap( or 4). -j.
  9. Brooks, We're still thinking about making the run to Lautrecfest. The only issue we're running into is figuring out what lies between now and then. We have finals and family gatherings over the next two months, our heads are spinning a bit. By the way, I like this world. I could do without some of the inhabitants and I might add a few things, but the world in and of itself is okay by me. -j.
  10. Brooks, Once you all get to know me a bit better (and vice versa) I'll be happy to come out and chill at anywhere. I live no more than 2 hours from NYC and I'll be quite a bit closer if my wife ends up impressing the arch. firm she's interviewing with right now (knowing her I'm sure she will). Closer being within 30 min of Manhattan. We spend enough time in the NYC area anyway, most of her family lives there. -j.
  11. I've only listened to Ectopia, so I can't give you any input as to the other discs. However, knowing how Foetus works, I would assume that Ectopia would be the more matured of the bunch due to how his work seems to evolve. Don't quote me on that though. It helps as well that it was released on the Ipecac label. Solid group of artists there. I trust most of what comes out of Mr. Patton's hands anyway. Sometimes it may not be your cup of tea, but it is always interesting. -j.