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  1. Ari (Eric Litton)

    NYTimes: "Nights Shaken and Stirred"

    Haha, um why is the right spigot on fire?
  2. Ari (Eric Litton)

    BTI announces results of Absinthe review

    Here at the BIT, we don't do things the pinky in the air way like other testing groups. Our heavily scientific testing format allows us to find out what the everyman on the street thinks about a product. Random people our picked off the street. They slam back 4 shots and jump into the air 3 times. The mean height of these three jumps is ran through a complicated algorithm, giving an error proof score to the beverage.
  3. Ari (Eric Litton)

    Absinthe Devil

    Ditto what T73 said.
  4. Ari (Eric Litton)

    A question about methods for 'ascertaining legality'

    Someone like Ted or one of the many producers could give a better answer, but in the mean time. The Best test appears to be GCMS (Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry). Which is considered the Gold standard in forensics. It's especially important as GC used alone can sometimes give inaccurately high results, mistaking another chemical for thujone.
  5. Absinthe isn't that expensive, it's just like buying a case all at once that makes it seem worse. If you compare based on ABV top-shelf expensive absinthe falls into the range of medium priced wine. A $60 bottle of Lucid is like buying a bit over 5 bottles of $11 wine.
  6. Ari (Eric Litton)

    Wormwood Society and La Fee Verte Forums

    Luckily on the internet you can visit multiple sites, sometimes even in the same browser window at the same time. *Gasps from the crowd* "How Indecent"
  7. Ari (Eric Litton)

    MARTEAU Absinthe de la Belle Époque

    Look forward to seeing it in local stores.
  8. Ari (Eric Litton)

    Lance Winters of ST. George Spirits

    I think we have it backwards, pre-ban absinthe wasn't bitter, pre-ban absinthe drinkers were.
  9. Ari (Eric Litton)

    What ya drinking tonight?

    I am drinking: Nothing. As I'm about to crash from SF Pride. Wee!
  10. Ari (Eric Litton)

    What is "authentic" absinthe

    Many marketers also allude to the famous 18th century drink. Seems a bit dishonest to suggest the drink is the same in one breath and then that it has been completely changed in another. IMO this is about lazyness and money not about absinthe.
  11. Ari (Eric Litton)

    Marilyn Manson Interview on Absinthe

    Yeah considering Manson should know better it's obvious it's just all a bunch of marketing BS. The appearance of being dangerous and hardcore sells. I would love to see, •The Hoff Sinthe and •Chuck Norris Roundhouse Absinthe (the bottle would be shaped like chuck Norris's foot and would be unbreakable).
  12. Ari (Eric Litton)

    Marilyn Manson Interview on Absinthe

    Nothing says Hardcore like doing absinthe. It reads like middle school kids BSing during lunch break or something.
  13. Ari (Eric Litton)

    Grande Absente Absinthe Originale

    I vote naturally artificial quality commercial cheap crapsinthe. Am I close?
  14. Ari (Eric Litton)

    Introducing myself

    I'm surprised I missed this. I'm going to share a secret about thujone, something that absinth producers don't want you to know. It's legal in the US. Yep, 1 mg or a couple kilos of thujone goodness, absolutely legal in the US. It can be purchased from your local grocery store, or herbalist. What absinth producers don't want you to know is that these thujone numbers, 10, 30, 100, 330, are all per liter, that means that a glass of "100mg" absinthe contains a weak 3mg of thujone. If you are a real thujone drinker that wants to experience the twitching effects of thujone don't waste money on these weak bottles of "absinthe" go buy legal thujone from a local store. Stay away from anyone who markets using thujone, it's obvious they are just trying to trick you into buying a weak product that you can buy full strength legally in the US. (note, this post is in no way endorsing drinking thujone)
  15. Ari (Eric Litton)

    Macadamia Nut Liqueur

    I say just chug. Of course I often finish the Macadamia nut jars in one sitting, so maybe that's not the best idea.